Christmas Advent Calendar Powerpoint for Interactive Whiteboard

This Christmas Advent Calendar allows children to click on the date in December and magically the number opens up a new slide and a hilarious Christmas graphic appears. I have also added a blank calendar so older pupils can add the clipart and effects. The main picture and date / slide links are already in place. There are different versions of the Powerpoint Presentations for 1998-2003 and 2004+ I have also added a 25 day version and a 31 day version so hopefully every child in the class can have a go! (I know advent has 24 days! but this is a fun activity and I wanted every child in my class to participate!)


3 Reviews

  • ff3926 years agoReport

    Wow brilliant . Can't wait to use this !

  • LolaPop8 years agoReport

    Kids loved it. I used this in the run up to chirstmas - thanks! my children loved the animations

  • zelda798 years agoReport

    great powerpoint. Sorry didnt rate earlier, forgot. Used it and the kids loved it thanks.

Nov 25, 2007
Nov 25, 2009