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12 fun festive puzzles worksheets for KS2 Mental Maths and Literacy / English (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar / SPaG) to use as warm ups, starters, revision, homework or early finisher activities in December. They could also be used as main lesson tasks. With 2 levels of challenge, this BUNDLE provides ideal differentiation in many classes, perfect for meaningful practice at this busy time of year, with no prep required. Some of the puzzles were designed for Year 3 and 4 but these are likely to suit some learners in Year 5 and 6 requiring a simpler level of challenge. On the other hand, the Year 5 / 6 puzzles could provide challenge for more able learners in lower year groups.

Full instructions and answer keys included.

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Christmas Maths Puzzles

Christmas Literacy (SPaG) Puzzles

There are 3 Set A Numeracy puzzles that best suit Year 6 and 5 (P7 and P6) and 3 Set B puzzles originally designed for Year 4 (P5) - and Year 3 (P4) if all concepts have been covered. Both sets could be used in the same class for differentiation if required. Set A might also suit some early KS3 classes. They work well at the busy end of term as little preparation is required and they are very flexible and can be left aside and picked up again as required.

An engaging alternative to standard worksheets, these Hidden Word / Spot the Mistakes puzzles make ideal starter, early finisher or homework activities for this special time of year. Similar to codebreaker puzzles, a Christmas-related word is revealed after completing mental arithmetic calculations. Each puzzle contains a grid. Within each box is a calculation and a letter. Pupils circle any boxes containing mistakes. Then they assemble letters from the circled boxes to reveal the Christmas word. Puzzles can be completed individually or in pairs / groups.

Concepts include: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Times Tables, Doubling and Halving, Multiplying and Dividing by 10 and 100, Place Value, Negative Numbers, Fractions, Percentages and Decimals (Not all concepts feature in Set B).

KS2 Christmas Editing / Proofreading puzzles. Minimal preparation required (ideal for busy end of term), these 6 fun Literacy / English puzzle worksheets provide practice of a range of Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) during late November and December. 3 puzzles were originally designed for Year 6 and 5 (P7 and P6) and 3 simpler ones for Year 3 and 4 (P4 and P5). Both sets could be used in the same class for differentiation if required. They could also be used for revision in early KS3. Versions are included with and without a festive background picture. All sentences are Christmas-themed.

These puzzles work in a similar way to the maths ones above, a Christmas-related word being revealed after completing the editing work. Each puzzle contains 20 lines of text (or 15 in the simpler ones). Pupils circle any mistakes they spot. If there are 3 or more mistakes in a single line, they highlight the corresponding letter in the grid at the bottom of the page. At the end they rearrange the highlighted letters to reveal the Christmas word. Puzzles can be completed individually or in pairs / groups, with pupils supporting each other and pooling their editing / proofreading skills.

Pupils often forget or avoid re-reading their own work to check for errors so it’s great to get them carefully checking in these puzzles. Spotting common spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors may help them remember to check their own work and help them avoid common errors themselves.

Some of the aspects of SPaG included: common spelling errors, full stops, capital letters, question marks, commas, colons, speech marks, proper nouns, missing words, repeated words, tenses, subordinate clauses and embedded clauses. (Not all concepts feature in the 3 simpler puzzles (Puzzles 4-6).
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