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chromatogrophy worksheet

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CreatedApr 28, 2010
UpdatedApr 29, 2013

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    n missing on the word "on" towards the end. Suggest they draw a pencil cross on the origin, so they can focus on where to put the colouring from the Smartie. Could tell them how much water to add and then the origin will naturally be above the water line. Very good to have a student protocol like this: they like instructions sheets like this!

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    user avatarn3m3s1s6 years agoReport

    Need to change and clarify step 4 : "...apply a small amount of the food colouring from the smartie to the filter paper." Where exactly and as a line? as a dot ? all over? Pupils will not know this important step.

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    user avatarTunbo6 years agoReport

    Thanks for uploading this, saved me a lot of time.