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AQA Chemistry Revision Placemats

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A3 Revision Mats for each chapter in AQA 1-9 GCSE Combined Science Trilogy and Chemistry. Concentrates on the Combined Trilogy content with no Separate Chemistry Only content.
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Quantitative Chemistry - AQA

UPDATED MAY 2019 with workbook for the whole unit! As promised, here is the whole of Unit 3: Quantitative Chemistry for the New AQA Combined Science Trilogy. Every lesson is covered exactly to the specification with a plethora of worksheets and homeworks. I have also included a scheme of work for the unit, with blooms taxonomy learning objectives paired with the new GCSE grades. I can confidently state that this is the most comprehensive and high quality resource I’ve ever made, I hope you’ll agree. Highly animated presentations & resources include: 3.1.1 - Conservation of mass & balanced symbol equations + 3 x worksheet + 1 x homework 3.1.2 - Relative formula mass + 2 x worksheet + 1 x homework 3.1.3 - Mass change when reactant is a gas + 1 x worksheet + 1 x homework 3.1.3 - Mass change when product is a gas + 1 x worksheet + 1 x homework 3.1.4 - Chemical Measurements 3.2.1 - Moles + 3 x worksheet + 1 x homework 3.2.2 - Amounts of substances in equations + 2 x worksheet + 1 x homework 3.2.3 - Using moles to balance equations + 2 x worksheet. 3.2.4 - Limiting reactants + 1 x worksheet 3.2.5 - Concentrations of solutions + 5 x worksheet + 3 x homework. + Scheme of work
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Energy Changes - AQA Chemistry

This pack contains a plethora of powerpoints, worksheets, and mark schemes for all of the content in unit 5 - Energy changes of AQA 8462 Triple Chemistry, and 8464 Combined Science Trilogy. For those of you whom regularly purchase my resources, you will know that I hold off releasing my resources until I am happy that you will be satisfied with the quality, quantity and ease of deliverance of your purchase - I’m now happy, I hope you are too! Lesson packs include: Energy transfer during exothermic and endothermic reactions Reaction profiles The energy change of reactions (HT ONLY) Cells and batteries (Chemistry only) Fuel cells (Chemistry only) Required practical 4 worksheet pack All folders organised into zip folder Resources are checked against the specification, and income tax is paid on all my sales. As always your feedback is greatly appreciated as good reviews really aid sales. I hope you enjoy Lewis
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Chemical Changes - AQA Chemistry

This pack includes 61 freshly designed files of powerpoints, worksheets and homeworks (including mark schemes) for every lesson in unit 4 Chemical changes for AQA Combined Science Trilogy Chemistry. Updated April 2018. It’s finally here, and I’m very proud of this resource pack! I’ve held off on publishing until the quality was right, and now it’s finally ready to go live. The quality of the formatting/animation is second to none on TES. TES SAYS IT’S 14 FILES, IT’S NOT IT’S 61, MANY ARE IN A ZIP FOLDER! I have now fixed the ZIP Folder issue, should download perfectly! Lesson order is as follows: - Metal oxides - The reactivity series - Displacement reactions - Extraction of metals and reduction - Reactions of acids with metals & - Acids + Insoluble bases - Neutralisation and the pH scale - Strong vs. weak acids - The process of electrolysis - Molten electrolysis - Using electrolysis to extract metals - Electrolysis of aqueous solutions. That’s 12 lessons in total, all jam packed with novel animations, tasks, worksheets, green pen work throughs, and homeworks. Please do review this if you choose to purchase as it really helps my sales. Thanks for supporting my work. Lewis HOW THIS RESOURCE IS ORGANISED: All powerpoints are uploaded directly so browsers can see snippets of each one. Then inside your download there is a zip folder, which contains all powerpoints, checklists, worksheets, homeworks and mark schemes neatly organised in folders. Any queries can be emailed to
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Rates of Reaction - AQA Chemistry

The new AQA Combined Science Trilogy Unit 6 - The rate and extent of chemical change. Includes powerpoints, worksheets and practical worksheets. Divided into the following lessons: Calculating Rates of Reaction/Rates graphs and tangents. Factors which affect rates of reaction and collision theory. Catalysts Reversible reactions and energy changes 4.6.3 Equilibria (all) Required Practical 5 - part a disappearing cross Please see my other reviews for an insight as to the time and effort I put into making these of a high quality. As always I really appreciate your feedback so please do comment below!
Organic Chemistry - AQAQuick View

Organic Chemistry - AQA

Full unit for Organic Chemistry - AQA Combined Science Trilogy Please review if you are happy with your purchase :) Set includes: Four lesson powerpoints, including tasks and answers L1 - Crude Oil, Hydrocarbons and Alkanes L2 - Fractional Distillation L3 - Cracking L4 - Combustion of fuels Multiple worksheets for every lesson Easy-print A5 (two per A4 page) versions of each worksheet Scheme of Work (Lesson by lesson) Videos of every lesson to post online should your students be absent
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Electrolysis - GCSE Chemistry Worksheets

This resource contains 2 worksheets for electrolysis that can be used in class or as homework to enable your students to practice what they have learnt in the classroom. This does NOT include half-equations at the electrodes which should be taught to higher students. We have worksheets for the following topics in Chemistry Paper 1: Atomic Structure and The Periodic Table Atoms, Elements and Compounds Mixtures and Separation Techniques Relative Atomic Mass and Electronic Structure The Periodic Table and Metals Groups 0 & 1 Group 7 Bonding, Structure, and The Properties of Matter Ionic Bonding Covalent and Metallic Bonding Structure and Bonding of Carbon Quantitative Chemistry Balancing Equations % Mass Relative Atomic and Formula Mass Amount of Substances in Equations The Mole Using Moles to Balance Equations Limiting Reactants Concentration of Solutions Chemical Changes Metal Oxides and Reactivity Series Displacement Reactions Extraction of Metals and Reduction Ionic Equations Reactions of Metals with Acids Neutralisation of Acids pH Scale, Neuralisation, and Strong & Weak Acids Electrolysis Energy Changes Energy Transfers and Reaction Profiles Energy Changes of Reactions More worksheets will be added in the future. Please rate and review this resource. Thank you!
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Chemistry Paper 1 Revision Quiz

Revision quiz = combined science chemistry AQA Does have a mixture of higher and foundation tier questions. (Higher tier only mostly in the calculations round). Answers and worked examples included.
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Chemistry Required Practicals (without triple)

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This bundle contains the revision mats for the required practicals that now involved in the new AQA specification for 2018 (without triple) They contain questions based around the methodology of the practicals, graph work and evaluation of the methods chosen. Exam question would be good to go along with these for added benefits. This revision mats include: Making Salts Electrolysis Temperature Change Rates of Reaction Chromatography Water Purification Answers are also included for all the resources. These are great tools for use as homework after the students have performed the required practical or for revision before any assessments and their exams. Students have commented on these saying that they have found them useful tools for revision and helped them in lessons as aids. Please rate these resources and follow me for upcoming revision mats for the other areas of the specification.
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AQA Chemistry required practicals (ALL)

This resource is for KS3/4 student taking the AQA science GCSE The resource contains methods in a condensed format suitable for revision and class instruction Complete with example exam questions for each experiment - sourced from 2018 AQA where possible Practicals included Making salts Temperature changes Rates of reaction - observing colour change - Concentration & Temperature Rates of reaction - measuring product volume (cm3) - Concentration & Temperature Rates of reaction - measuring product lost (g) - Concentration, Temperature & Surface area Chromatography Water purification Electrolysis Neutralisation - Higher and Foundation Ion testing - Flame tests, carbonate test, sulphate test & Halide test Good luck!
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Chemistry Trilogy Summer 2022

A look at the must learns for AQA Paper 1 Trilogy Chemistry 2022 based on the JCQ information Includes: “Must Learn” Learning Checklist for AQA Paper 1 Trilogy Chemistry Foundation “Must Learn” Key Revision Powerpoint AQA Paper 1 Trilogy Chemistry Foundation “Must Learn” Learning Checklist for AQA Paper 1 Trilogy Chemistry Higher “Must Learn” Key Revision Powerpoint AQA Paper 1 Trilogy Chemistry Higher
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OCR A Level Chemistry Revision Checklist

OCR A Level Chemistry H432 student revision checklist based on the advanced information for the 2022 exams. This resource includes: Specification statements for OCR H432 paper 1-3 Reference pages to the A Level Chemistry A for OCR Book by Rob Ritchie and Dave Gent RAG columns for students to assess their understanding of topics Synoptic and PAG links where applicable This resource is a useful reflection tool for students to use during their exam revision. This resource helps them to see where they need to focus their revision on first. This resource can be used electronically or printed out. This resource is also useful for teachers in their planning of revision lessons for key topics that will be in the exam
Organic Chemistry Revision PlacematQuick View

Organic Chemistry Revision Placemat

An A3 revision mat for revision of the Organic Chemistry chapter in AQA GCSE 1-9 Combined Science and Chemistry. Concentrates on the Combined Science content and includes all answers.
GCSE Chemistry: Reactions of AcidsQuick View

GCSE Chemistry: Reactions of Acids

This PowerPoint presentation with worked examples and student questions covers: • Identifying metals on the periodic table • Predicting the salt formed in acid metal reactions. • Predicting the salt formed in acid carbonate reactions. • Conservation of mass and state symbols
Organic ChemistryQuick View

Organic Chemistry

Class notes on fossil fuels, fractional distillation, cracking, alkanes, alkenes, isomers, functional groups.
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Quantitative Chemistry Workbook - AQA

This is a SLOP workbook for quantitative chemistry unit 3 for AQA combined science trilogy. This is designed to be printed as a booklet on A4 paper and worked through independently by students. You can also use it in conjunction with your teaching, so as to remove the need to print lots of different worksheets. SLOP stands for Shed Loads of Practice. This resource is free, but if you’d like the accompanying powerpoints and additional worksheets please take a look at my quantitative chemistry unit of work.