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Please browse a selection of History lessons and resources. These cover KS3, AQA GCSE (America 1920-73; Conflict and Tension in Asia; Medicine through Time; Elizabethan England) and AQA History Tudor England (1C) Most of them have writing frames for students who need a bit of support with writing. Please review if you download anything as I will try to edit and improve using any feedback.

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This is a revision booklet for OCR Modern Worlds covering the Cold War from 1945-79. This is aimed at a wide-range of abilities, enabling students to bring together key words and important information in an accessible booklet.

The booklet includes: a list of key questions that they should be able to answer, as outlined by the exam specification; consolidation questions so students can organise their revision notes; timeline activities and sources to evaluate. Students are encouraged to look at the message, content and context of a source through completing a grid activity which has improved students' source work. There are also OCR B style essay questions for student to practice, complete with space for structured planning (including prompts on making a judgment which enables them to access the highest marks). I have been using this to help Y11 revise for their mocks and their upcoming exams



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4 years ago

Great looking resource. Very well planned and visually appealing. Will be very helpful come revision time!! Thanks

TES Resource Team

4 years ago

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