Comparing Child Labor of the Industrial Era to Present Day Sweatshops
This lesson involves having students examine the impacts of the Industrial Revolution in the United States with a specific focus on child labor. It is recommended that students will have explored to some degree the Industrial era prior to this lesson. This lesson will prompt students to analyze social activist Lewis Hines' photographs that depict the various jobs and working conditions of which children were forced to work in. The provided 60 slide power-point and the student handout that accompanies the presentation is interactive, visual, problem posing, and vicariously draws the students into the lives of the children of the Industrial era.

This lesson will have students delve deeper into critical thought, and encourage a social justice perspective by having students compare and contrast the child labor of the Industrial era with the child labor that exists today. A 22 minute documentary film titled "Zoned for Slavery: The Child Behind the Label' supplements this lesson and is available online through U tube in three separate parts:
Part I
Part II
Part III

This lesson includes:

- 60 slide power-point presentation
- Teacher lesson plan
- Student power-point handout
- Student Venn diagram handout
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