Continuous planning for writing, water, creative and construction areas (FS1/2)

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I have just made this to display on the wall in the writing area of my year 1 classroom. Please rate, as if it is useful to others i will make and put more up for the different areas of continuous provision. Other topics covered: Assessment; Level descriptors/statements.

  • Continuous_Provision_Planning_for_the_Writing_Area.doc
  • Continuous_Provision_Planning_for_the_Water_Area.doc
  • Continuous_Provision_Planning_for_the_creative_Area.doc
  • Continuous_Provision_Planning_for_the_construction_area.doc
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CreatedJul 8, 2008
UpdatedDec 30, 2012

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    user avatararetisidi4 years agoReport

    Thank you very much! Good ideas!

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    am new to year 1 but have taught fondation. Am still getting to grips with year 1 levels, planning, etc, thsee are very useful. Thank you. Have you made any more?

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    user avatarminkfest6 years agoReport

    I have yet to get my hear round planning for year 1, with areas and NC outcomes. This is great! Thanks

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    contiuing the learning journey. this is great for those of us who eed to cotiue the learig jourey from receptio to year 1 in autum. It shows how the childre ca move from the f/s skills i to year 1.
    Have you got any plas for the role play area?

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    user avatarstar177 years agoReport

    Thank you. Thank you these are great starting points. I would love to see some ideas for other areas as well if you make them. Thanks