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This bundle contain guidelines of the 9 Core Practicals of A2 Salters-Nuffield Biology year. This was created with an aim to help students write up their reports and teachers to create the perfect answer keys.

If you buy these Core Practicals individually they would cost 36 pounds (4 pounds each), but with this bundle (sold at 24 pounds) you save 33%.

For each core practical it contains the following:
1. Basic information, background research on the experiment
2. Planning and Experimental Design
3. Health and Safety
4. Make a plan
5. Perform the experiment
6. Analysis and interpretation of data
7. Conclusion and evaluation
8. Write the report!
9. Sample of Data (Statistical test & Analysis)
10. Answer to Pearson's (edexcel) questions and/or a summary of the experiment (point 10 and 11 might be different in each of these Core Practicals)


The core practicals included are:
CP10 - Ecology investigation
CP11 - Investigating Photosynthesis
CP12 - Effect of Temperature on the Rate
CP13b - Brine shrimp hatching
CP14 - Gel electrophoresis
CP15 - Effect of antibiotics
CP16 - Rate of respiration
CP17 - Investigating spirometer
CP18 - Habituation in a Snail



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