Exceptional Writing products for teachers grades 6 through University, specializing in writing essays, creative writing and writing prompts, editing, proofreading, the workshop process, fiction and its elements, usage/style and much more. Proud to be rigorous, skill-based, scaffolded, step-by-step, and organized: from directions and lessons plans to worksheets and grading rubrics - you'll find complete and easy-to-use resources!

pdf, 3.96 MB
pdf, 3.96 MB
PerfettoWritingRoom© specializes in writing. . . This 30- Prompt Package “Writing Prompts to Improve Setting, POV, and Character” is suited for Grades 6-13. PLEASE SEE OUR PREVIEW FOR MORE PICTURES!

It is a FLEXIBLE and COMPLETE Product. Teach with your own Lesson Plan!

• Use, Value, and Student Learning and Skill Goals (For the Teacher)

• Multiple Ways to Use the Prompts and Implement them in the classroom (for interest, longevity creativity, and so that you can create the ideal plan and learning environment for your students).

• Additional Setting Activity Ideas (a bonus that can be considered “warm-up activities”)

• Introduction to Setting and Atmosphere (For the STUDENTS, an important refresher or introduction, with actual examples of showing versus telling.)

• Two rubrics – One for a completed short story, one for a complete scene.

• All Applicable Common Core Standards, broken down by activity for ease of use.

• 30 loosely-themed picture prompts – most all of which have up to THREE writing options for students to choose from, which allow for great product longevity, and far more interesting workshop opportunities should YOU decide to have students write one prompt at a time.

This Product is specifically created to help students master:

• Setting

• Atmosphere/mood

• Characterization

• Writer’s Block or Routine-Subject-Matter problems.

- First, Second and Third points of view.

• Descriptive writing

• “ Show, not tell” and to convey their own thoughts and ideas on the page.

• Strengthening all General Writing skills: for writing across the curriculum and writing creatively as well as for standard expository papers.

47 Pages in all!

This is an expertly crafted series that has always been popular.

Each photo is different, inspiring multiple scene possibilities, as well as forays into new genres, points of view, perspective and MORE. This activity is specifically geared to numerous grades because the instructor decides what constitutes mastery at a given level, and can choose which pictures are suitable, or how it will be best implemented.

WE sincerely hope you'll enjoy this product.

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5 years ago

Really varied and helpful set of resources, many thanks. Beautifully designed and all round awesome.


7 years ago

Not only does this resource provide a variety of writing prompts that students can connect to, but the lesson plans themselves are very detailed, standards-based, and clearly explain the skills that students will develop. Very well done!

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