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I like to use this a PLENARY after pupils have done their own dice rolling and plotted bar charts. The computer can roll one, two or three dice 50, 200, or up to 1000000 times. Pupils see the shape of the graph approaching the theoretical distribution as the number of rolls is increased. It draws an instant bar chart. If pupils have rolled two dice it is a good challenge to see if they can predict the graph for three dice i.e. symmetrical about 10 and 11, I would welcome feedback on this resource.

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CreatedMar 15, 2012
UpdatedMay 8, 2012

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    This is a really nice resource which would be great if used as suggested in the description. This is similar to a problem on the nrich website which uses spinners instead - this would be a good extension after the lesson detailed above! Thank you for sharing.

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