PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK! The children are given a net of a cube separated in two parts and they have to work out the different ways to stick the two parts together so that the two pieces make a cube when folded. It works well when the children work in pairs. There is another activity in case any of them solve it quickly, but it look them longer than I thought so you might not need the second activity. There is a link of the smart board slides to the activity and the sheets you will need, which are from the nrich maths website. Please leave feedback!


  • plenary sheet nets.doc
  • using_and_applying_nets_of_cubes.notebook

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    user avatarsvj4 months agoreport

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    user avatarholidayh2 years agoreport

    do not have a smartboard view as im a private tutor. any chance of putting it on word/adobe/powerpoint please?

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    user avatarcathjh3 years agoreport

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    user avatarBetula1424 years agoreport

    Great resource. I use nrich a lot and so it's good to see how you have used one of the activities and turned it into a great lesson. Thanks

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    user avatargenmil4 years agoreport

    This is fantastic thank you!