disco displacement

fun ppt - students work out the reactivity series by watching the characters dance with each other


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    minsch2 years agoReport

    Great resource. Students loved it !

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    scienefun4 years agoReport

    Super PowerPoint- my year 8's will love this!

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    dbell84 years agoReport

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    ericso4 years agoReport

    It might be fun, but disappointing that it does not actually teach students anything about why some elements are more reactive than others. In essence you ask the students to remember the reactivity list and 1 rule: the one that sits higher displaces the one lower (no different from teaching them to count 1 to 10 in order really). An approach from how the reactivity list comes about (why the ordering?) and get the student to work from the reasoning would be preferable.

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    n3m3s1s4 years agoReport

    Don't use an equals sign, always use the arrow. Great resource I hope dis co down a treat.