Dispersion of Light; (Visible Light Spectrum/Colors/Filters/Paints/Rainbow) – PPT

Lesson Presentation (Totally 200 Slides):
Dispersion (Splitting of White Light)
The Spectrum of Visible Light: (30 different questions with answers (All are animated & editable!))

Prism & dispersion of light through the prism!
Primary and Secondary Colors of light
Color Addition
Complementary Colors of light,
Primary & Secondary Colors of Pigments (Painting)
Color Subtraction
Colored Filters: (85 Slides, Different questions with answers (All are animated & editable!))
Where have you seen filters used? (Daily life usages)
Seeing Colors: (30 different questions with answers (All are animated & editable!))
Why do objects have colors? (Why does grass look green or a rose look red?)
Understanding the Red-Eye effect,
Rainbow: 20 Slides (Primary & Secondary Rainbows) (All are animated & editable!))
• How is a rainbow formed?
• When can we see a rainbow?
• What makes a double rainbow?
• Why is a rainbow a bow - or arc?
• Is a rainbow a full circle or a half-circle? (Can a rainbow be a full circle?)
• Does a rainbow have an end? (Can we touch a rainbow?)
• Supernumerary Arcs
• Can we have a rainbow at night?
Colorblindness: Are you Colorblind?
2D and 3D Glasses,
Color on TV,
Physics around us,
Classroom Activities,
If there was no color, what would happen,
Why is the sky blue?

Click Here for Full Dispersion of Light – Visible Light Spectrum – Colors of Light – Colors of Pigments (Paints, Dyes, or Inks) – Colored Filters – Rainbow:






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