Dough gym

Based on ABC Does' blog posts this week on Dough Gym, but in PowerPoint form for staff training and parent workshops. Includes gross motor and fine motor development, ideas on how to create a dough gym, additional &'funky fingers&'; ideas for child initiated activities to improve fine motor control, and malleable material recipes/ideas.


16 Reviews

  • Elainedean4 months agoReport

    Thank you very useful resource for 'in-house' training in the EYFS and year 1.

  • gilly_flower5 months agoReport

    What a fantastic resource - thank you for being generous and sharing it.

  • catia5 months agoReport

    THANK YOU!!!

  • bosher12346 months agoReport

    Brilliant thank you! this will help with my year 1 intervention!

  • batmanlegs8 months agoReport

    Full of detail and essential for teachers and TAs in EYFS or as an intervention programme for KS1. Very useful for staff training.