Dr, Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Coursework

This is all the resources I’ve used for the lit and lang GCSE coursework on Jekyll and Hyde. The question I used was: How does Robert Louis Stevenson create mystery and suspense in the first three chapters of ‘The Stranger Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’? I started with the powerpoint and research homework. Then, analysed the chapters. Chapters 2&3 are broken up by questions and glossaries, whereas chap.1 has seperate questions. Moving on to language analysis and finally the essay plan. My class is a bit mixed, so some of them are voluntarily using chapter 4 in the essay as well. Hope this all makes sense! And is of some use to you!


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    Excellent and very useful

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    Lovely selection and very useful as a starting point.

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    So useful! Thanks!!

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    Thanks. Thank you, excellent!

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    Apologies. Sorry, don't know why I left off the essay plan! I've uploaded it seperately, don't know how to add to an existing resource file.

    It's called: Dr, Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Coursework essay plan
    complete with the typo comma!

Oct 5, 2009
Jan 14, 2013

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