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I can statementsPSEEYFSl

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CreatedJun 12, 2009
UpdatedDec 27, 2011

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    user avatarpukeku5 months agoReport

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    user avatarEmmaj15 years agoReport

    Thanks for these useful resources

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    i can statements. oh wow! this is wonderful. i feel really mean and lazy just saying this buuuuuuuut.......when do you think you might get around to doing the rest? i could never have done it as well as you have. well done.

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    Fantastic. These statements make the profile points so much clearer and easier for parents and children to understand. I am hoping to find the other subject areas. Thank you,

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    user avatargoonie7 years agoReport

    Hurrah Hurrah. These are fantastic. You say first draft... are you going to do the other EYFS profile sections? Where do you find the time? Thank you.