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Unit of Work: Speaking and Listening

A complete unit of work for speaking and listening Y10 and Y11. Eleven lessons which include writing and presentation skills to prepare students for their speaking and listening presentations. I know there are some issues with some of the links but here are all the links you may need: Lesson One: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqnMQ0RhdaA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5vMV3Ke6kQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5vMV3Ke6kQ Lesson Two and Eight: https://www.ted.com/talks/matt_cutts_try_something_new_for_30_days?language=en Lesson Nine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5c1susCPAE
AQA GCSE - Speaking and Listening EndorsementQuick View

AQA GCSE - Speaking and Listening Endorsement

Use this differentiated and extensive resource to take your students through the GCSE Speaking and Listening Endorsement. All the lessons have learning objectives and takes students through the process of writing a speech.
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Speaking and Listening

Full lesson plan with powerpoint and resource aimed at prepping learners for the speaking and listening element for functional skills English. The exam board we use is city and guilds however the resource is transferable to other awarding bodies.
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AQA Functional Skills in English: Speaking and Listening Unit

This unit of work is designed to help build the skills necessary for success in the speaking and listening assessment for AQA Functional Skills English as well as those valued by employers. It is a discussion based unit and explores skills such as asking questions, leading a discussion, researching and planning a presentation. It leads to two assessment activities, a ‘meeting’ in which students discuss setting up a series of lunchtime clubs for younger pupils followed by an individual presentation in which students showcase their own plans for a school club. I have included a detailed set of teacher’s notes, a 42 slide teaching PPT and all resources in both word and pdf format. I hope your students enjoy taking part in this unit. Also available AQA Functional Skills English: Level 1 Unit - Leisure AQA Functional Skills English: Level 2 Unit - Leisure AQA Functional Skills English: Level 1 Unit - The Next Step AQA Functional Skills English: Level 2 Unit - The Next Step
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Speaking and Listening: Functional Skills

A resource with some worksheets I put together for my learners to use while I'm assessing functional skills in their speaking and listening. They&'re all vocational subjects so I&';ve aimed it at that area. I've uploaded both publisher and PDF versions of both the formal and informal assessment sheets so they can be edited.
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Speaking and listening cards

series of cards made from compilation of thread on primary forum. Ideas for paired, group or class speakind listening activities, will also develop thinking and questionning skills. Topics also included: word work; high frequency words.
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Speaking and Listening: Debating topics

Powerpoint activity that allows students to form an opinion on a certain topic. You could then snowball the debate by getting them to discuss in pairs, then fours then 8s then one side of the class versus the other. Useful as a speaking and listening activity for KS4 assessment.
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speaking and listening

This resource will help students boast their confidence about speaking and listening in a group This resources contains 2 templates on what I would spend A million pound on 1 blank template for the students to complete
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Speaking and Listening - Bowling for Columbine

A full lesson (most likely two) based on 'Bowling for Columbine'. Students will need to have seen the documentary before the activity. I use Netflix. Students are given differentiated roles and are encouraged to discuss the issue of gun crime in the US through the eyes of various different demographics. Success criteria and challenges provided for more able students. It's a really engaging topic for reluctant groups and encourages wider thinking. Have used this on higher and lower ability groups and has produced great reasoned and well-thought out debates.
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English Speaking and Listening activities

A range of activities/ lessons for the new specification with AQA for speaking and listening. Sources range from old and new, but equally as relevant. Includes resources in the PowerPoint (on the slides) but you might decide to put into a word document for some of them.
Dragons' Den Persuasive Project! (Building Speaking & Listening and Persuasive Writing Skills!)Quick View

Dragons' Den Persuasive Project! (Building Speaking & Listening and Persuasive Writing Skills!)

This resource is perfect for enabling students to build both their persuasive writing and their speaking and listening skills. Based upon the popular BBC series 'Dragons' Den', students have the opportunity to research, design, pitch, and evaluate arguments for their own inventions, whilst simultaneously analysing persuasive pitches, revising persuasive techniques, structuring arguments and articulating convincingly. Included is a 16 page booklet (I would say at least 4-5 hour lessons of tasks) that lead students to: - Introduce themselves and their interests; - Watch persuasive pitches (links included) and identify persuasive devices; - Analyse why persuasive devices are effective; - Structure an analysis appropriately; - Brainstorm ideas for an invention using imagination and helpful aiding questions; - Formulate an argument by considering key questions and counter arguments; - Write and present a persuasive pitch; - Peer-evaluate and self-evaluate persuasive pitches. I have also provided some examples of news stories featuring the worst and best pitches from the den, in order to provoke discussion about what makes a strong pitch. All images are licensed for commercial use and are cited throughout.
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Speaking and listening: Would you rather activities

Speaking and listening: Would you rather activities Can be used as starters or to promote speaking and listening and turn taking skills. Four PowerPoint activities - Would you rather... Students have to decide what they would rather. • They see a series of questions giving them a choice of what they'd rather. • If they agree with the arrow pointing down, you sit down. • If they agree with the arrow pointing up, they stand up. • If they rather none of the choices on offer, they down. • They also have to be prepared to answer questions and justify their choices. 60 editable slides in total.
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Speaking and Listening

4 Resources
A range of PPT presentations and tasks to prepare pupils for a speech/presentation. Initially created to guide Year 8 pupils through presenting a talk and reciting a poem for their English Speaking Board examination, but could be used for any speaking and listening prep for KS3/4.
Functional Skills English Speaking and Listening - level 1Quick View

Functional Skills English Speaking and Listening - level 1

A complete booklet for Speaking and Listening. Outlining the EDEXCEL new L1 criteria. A discussion topic, agenda page and note page for learners to complete to help them with their formal and informal discussion. With a good practice, learner reflection sheet. Everything you need for learners to pass their assessment in one place. Complete your awarding body write up and place in the back of the booklet to have all of your Speaking and Listening paper work in one place.
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Edexcel Speaking and Listening

Speaking and listening exam preparation. Looks at mark scheme for both exam tasks to suit the new spec of the Edexcel functional skills lesson. New Year comprehension included for Functional Skills level 1 but can be adapted for Functional Skills Level 2 or GCSE English.