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CreatedMar 16, 2008
UpdatedMar 28, 2014

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    user avatarhuuviee3 years agoReport

    A good idea but would be more useful if it had a lesson plan to go along with it.

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    Thank you so much for sharing. A great idea.

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    user avatarraydeunne4 years agoReport

    What a fun way to do real life problem solving, can be differentiated easily and I have no problem buying a few easter eggs to decorate and make the classroom smell lovely of chocolate. Thank you, a really good idea which can help yr5/6 with using and applying their maths skills.

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    A template for working out the egg which is best value for money. You will have to get your own eggs (I'm sure that won't be an issue!) to use with the class. Thanks for sharing the resource.

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    user avatarJackolas7 years agoReport

    More help for this resource. I've used this as a starting point, but for anyone else who wants more on this there is a link here:


    I start off just working out which eggs are best VFM and then the children can extend the investigation themselves (hopefully I'll steer them down a "test against other chocolate" route ... can never have too much chocolate! Happy Easter

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