Ecology: Food Webs and Ecological Pyramids Test, Review Questions, and Keys
You will receive a test with answer key and review questions with answer key.

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The test is multiple choice, matching, and short answer.
The review questions cover all of the material on the test:
1. What is the difference in a food chain and a food web?
2. What is an apex predator?
3. What is another name for a producer? How do producers get their energy?
4. What is the difference between autotrophs and heterotrophs?
5. What do the arrows on a food web represent?
6. What is another name for a primary consumer? What do primary consumers eat?
7. How much energy from each trophic level moves to the next level?
8. Define the following: Carnivore, herbivore, and omnivore.
9. What are the similarities and differences between scavengers and decomposers?
10. What is the difference between producers and consumers?
There will be an image of a food web to answer questions 11-14
11. Which organism(s) in the food web is a primary consumer? Secondary consumer? Tertiary consumer?
12. Which organism(s) in the food web is a producer? Consumer?
13. What might happen if you removed an apex predator from the food web?
14. Choose one food chain in the food web. Name all of the organisms starting with the producer and ending with the highest level consumer.
15. In an ecosystem, what might happen if you have more carnivores than herbivores?
16. What trophic level do humans occupy? Explain your reasoning.
There will be an image of an ecological pyramid to answer question 17
17. Label the ecological pyramid with the following terms: tertiary consumer, herbivore, heterotroph, autotroph, primary consumer, apex predator, producer, and secondary consumer. Calculate the kcal at each level.
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