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CreatedJul 29, 2015
UpdatedJul 29, 2015

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    user avatarsv48a month agoreport

    Excellent resource. I got each pair to write their created questions on a sheet then swap with another pair half way through. That way students could see if/where they had gone wrong.
    Thanks for sharing

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    A brilliant a different resource. I love that students have to role dice in order to select the expressions they will need to multiply together. Making the difficulty of the questions unpredictable. Thank you for sharing.

  • 5Recommended

    Thank you for publishing your resource. It has been selected to be featured in a post on the TES Resources blog.

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    user avatarrishna_s5 months agoreport

    A brilliant resource, thank you for sharing

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    user avatarmarloy1408808 months agoreport