Fantastic Mr. Fox Vocabulary by Chapter
Fantastic Mr. Fox is a children's novel written by Roald Dahl.
At night, Mr. Fox steals chickens, ducks, and turkeys from three mean and wealthy farmers. The farmers try to get back at him, however, Mr. Fox outwits them.

Use the vocabulary to introduce each of the 18 chapters.
Students can locate the words in the dictionary prior to reading each chapter. Students can find the meaning and part of speech.
This exercise will assist students to better understand the content of each chapter.
A word sort sheet is provided for the students. As they learn new vocabulary in each chapter, they will place each word in the appropriate part of speech box.

To differentiate for the Special Ed./ESL student, have them locate each word using an online dictionary.

As an extension, have students write original sentences for each vocabulary word after reading each chapter in the novel. Sheet provided.

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