Firework Maker's Daughter.

Scheme of work for this book. Included extension ideas. I have used resources from the TES as well as my own ideas to make this. I have used it Year 7,8,9 MLD children, but could be used with younger years or lower ability mainstream. I have added all the worksheets that I used to help children to follow the scheme. They may be too simple for mainstream but might help with differentiation.


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  • grove136 months agoReport

    Will use it in the spring term. Thanks

  • tgoodoreea year agoReport

    Thank you so much. Will really help with planning for my class.

  • Make sure you correct this before showing your class - sulphur, not sulpher.

  • Very helpful! Really inspired me when planning, thank you!

  • lilackatya year agoReport

    Thank you so much - this is fantastic. I am adapting it for Year 3. So grateful to you.