I produce mainly science resources. All of them have been taught by myself and I include a short comment on my experience of using the resource at the end of the description. I don't like to charge for my resources, BUT I am currently trying to put myself through a masters course on a part-time teachers wage. Once I'm through, everything becomes free!

Lessons included:

  1. Distance, Displacement and Speed
  2. Distance, Velocity and Acceleration
  3. Movement and Position Revision Carousel Lesson
  4. Resultant Forces and Newton’s 1st and 3rd Laws
  5. Stopping Distances and Reaction Time
  6. Mass, Weight and Terminal Velocity
  7. Squashing and Stretching
  8. Hooke’s Law

Content Covered:

  • Definitions for distance, displacement and speed
  • Relevant equations
  • Acceleration (definition, examples and equation)
  • Displacement-Time Graphs Recap (could be easily edited if this is the first time on this concept)
  • Velocity-Time Graphs (description, examples, plotting)
  • Revision of above content
  • Newtons first and third laws of motion
  • Free-body diagrams
  • Resultant forces
  • Stopping distances (definition and how to calculate)
  • Investigation to factors affecting reaction time
  • Factors that affect stopping distances
  • Revisit contact and non-contact forces
  • Define mass, weight and gravity
  • Calculate weight (W=mg)
  • Terminal velocity (2 examples)
  • Definitions for keywords associated with forces causing changes of shape.
  • Experiment: stretching strawberry laces
  • Hooke’s law (concept and equation)
  • Investigation in to stretching springs
  • Plotting graphs


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