Fractions and equivalent decimals

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This is just a worksheet that I made to help my class understand fractions and decimals. It is not a very exciting worksheet but I taught fractions using cubes, fraction sticks, fraction circles etc and then used the sheets for homework. The first one I got them to colour the fraction circles in in class.

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Fractions and equivalent decimals

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CreatedSep 25, 2011
UpdatedMay 6, 2013

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    A great resource! With three observations in one day, I'd forgotten all about setting homework - this resource has saved me - thank you!

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    Really useful - exactly what I was looking for

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    user avatarHSX5 years agoReport

    A good layout which, although not exciting as you say, does the job you require. Useful for building links between fractions and decimals as well as consolidating decimals.

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