FREE Year 2 Maths PowerPoint Whole Lesson Resources (Autumn and Spring Terms)
Each lesson is complete, and comes with a learning objectives, a warm up, main lesson, an independent learning section and a plenary.

Here is a list of the lessons:

Lesson 1: Putting the larger number first when adding.

Lesson 2: Using 'Near Doubles'

Lesson 3: Pairs that make 10 when adding

Lesson 4: Idea of Difference

Lesson 5: Words about Subtraction

Lesson 6: Using addition and subtraction with shopping

Lesson 7: Identifying Multiples

Lesson 8: Making Rectangular Arrays

Lesson 9: Multiplication Sentences

Lesson 10: The Multiplication Symbols

Lesson 11: Number Properties

Years ago I made a lot of interesting Maths PowerPoint lessons, and then left them for 10 years in a draw. They have since been viewed over 22,000 times.

By popular demand, I have uploaded them as I am sure lots of teachers will find them really useful and will use them. This collection is particularly useful if you need to cover a lesson and need a lesson with no preparation! Please leave a comment.


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  • Y2-3-Autumn-Making-10.pdf
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  • Y2-4-Autumn-Solving-differences.pdf
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  • Y2-5-Autumn-Subtraction-Vocabulary.pdf
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  • Y2-6-Autumn-shopping.pdf
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  • Y2-7-Spring-Identifying-multiples.pdf
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  • Y2-8-Spring-Rectangular-arrays.pdf
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  • Y2-9-Spring-Multiplication.pdf
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  • Y2-10-Spring-Times-symbol.pdf
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  • Y2-10-Spring-Times-symbol.pptx
  • Y2-11-Spring-Number-Properties.pdf
  • Y2-11-Spring-Number-Properties.ppt
  • Y2-11-Spring-Number-Properties.pptx

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