FREE Year 5 PowerPoint Mental Maths Tests (3 weeks)

I love the Wigan Mental Maths tests but I am trying to reduce the amount of paper I have in the classroom and so I have started to convert the Year 5 tests into PowerPoints. I use them weekly, and use the same one twice then I put them online for the parents to use at home.


  • Mental-Maths-Test-Week-3-and-4.pdf
  • Mental-Maths-Test-Week-3-and-4.ppt
  • Mental-Maths-Test-Week-3-and-4.pptx
  • Year-Five-Mental-Arithmetic-Test-3---week-5-and-6.pdf
  • Year-Five-Mental-Arithmetic-Test-3---week-5-and-6.ppt
  • Year-Five-Mental-Arithmetic-Test-3---week-5-and-6.pptx
  • Year-Five-Mental-Arithmetic-Test-Week-7-and-Week-8.pdf
  • Year-Five-Mental-Arithmetic-Test-Week-7-and-Week-8.ppt
  • Year-Five-Mental-Arithmetic-Test-Week-7-and-Week-8.pptx

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    Thank you! I am encouraged to make PowerPoints as good as these to share too.

    • user avatarpeterfogartyReply from Authora year ago

      Thank you. I am always thrilled to think I can help and inspire others to!

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    user avatarBlueowl992 years agoreport

    I can't see where to download the test papers for the children to use. Apart from that, looks easy to use and spot on for what I wanted

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    user avatarMrsMeow3 years agoreport

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    user avatarcoolkids3 years agoreport

    Thank you!