FREE Year 6 Maths Pack (Spring and Autumn Terms) - Booster and Revision Course.
FREE Year 6 Maths Pack (Spring and Autumn Terms) - Booster and Revision Course.

Here are the titles of the FREE Year 6 lessons:

Lesson 1: The idea of percentage reductions in shop prices.

Lesson 2: Putting percentages in context by looking at special offers on household packages.

Lesson 3: Using percentages as a way of comparing different fractions.

Lesson 4: The importance of knowing the size of the wholes when comparing percentages.

Lesson 5: Giving practice in equivalent decimals, fractions and percentages.

Lesson 6: How to convert any percentage to a fraction or decimal.

Lesson 7: Number problems using ratio

Lesson 8: Ratio and proportion

Lesson 9: Find the maximum sum

Lesson 10: Investigating Calendars

Lesson 11: Examining statistics

Years ago I wrote a series of numeracy lessons, based on the SpringBoard 6 materials, but I converted them into PowerPoint. Recently I got an email from a teacher requesting that I share these resources with the world and so here they are!

There are perfect for revision, for SATs preparation, supply and cover lessons.


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  • Year-6-1-Spring-Percentages-reductions.pdf
  • Year-6-1-Spring-Percentages-reductions.ppt
  • Year-6-1-Spring-Percentages-reductions.pptx
  • Year-6-2-Spring-Percentage-special-offers.pdf
  • Year-6-2-Spring-Percentage-special-offers.ppt
  • Year-6-2-Spring-Percentage-special-offers.pptx
  • Year-6-3-Spring-Percentages-to-compare-fractions.pdf
  • Year-6-3-Spring-Percentages-to-compare-fractions.ppt
  • Year-6-3-Spring-Percentages-to-compare-fractions.pptx
  • Year-6-4-Spring-Percentages-size-of-wholes.pdf
  • Year-6-4-Spring-Percentages-size-of-wholes.ppt
  • Year-6-4-Spring-Percentages-size-of-wholes.pptx
  • Year-6-5-Spring-Equivalent-decimals--fractions-and-percentages.pdf
  • Year-6-5-Spring-Equivalent-decimals--fractions-and-percentages.ppt
  • Year-6-5-Spring-Equivalent-decimals--fractions-and-percentages.pptx
  • Year-6-6-Spring-Converting-percentages-into-fractions-or-decimals.pdf
  • Year-6-6-Spring-Converting-percentages-into-fractions-or-decimals.ppt
  • Year-6-6-Spring-Converting-percentages-into-fractions-or-decimals.pptx
  • Year-6-7-Autumn-Number-problems-using-ratio.pdf
  • Year-6-7-Autumn-Number-problems-using-ratio.ppt
  • Year-6-7-Autumn-Number-problems-using-ratio.pptx
  • Year-6-8-Autumn-Ratio-and-proportion.pdf
  • Year-6-8-Autumn-Ratio-and-proportion.ppt
  • Year-6-8-Autumn-Ratio-and-proportion.pptx
  • Year-6-9-Autumn-Find-the-maximum-sum.pdf
  • Year-6-9-Autumn-Find-the-maximum-sum.ppt
  • Year-6-9-Autumn-Find-the-maximum-sum.pptx
  • Year-6-10-Autumn-Investigating-calenders.pdf
  • Year-6-10-Autumn-Investigating-calenders.ppt
  • Year-6-10-Autumn-Investigating-calenders.pptx
  • Year-6-11-Autumn-Examining-statistics.pdf
  • Year-6-11-Autumn-Examining-statistics.ppt
  • Year-6-11-Autumn-Examining-statistics.pptx

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