French Christmas play

This is a simple version of the nativity story which I use with nativity flashcards I put on a couple of years ago and we do actions for each of the key words before we look at the play eg hand out to the side as though holding staff for Joseph. Hands together in inverted v for the stable etc There is also a song Petit Jesus that I put on a couple of years ago that sings to the tune of Frere Jacques which brings in all the nativity characters.


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    user avatarDomish2 years agoReport

    Nice to keep the kids busy in the Christmas season. Merci

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    user avataremmavjw2 years agoReport

    lovely - thanks

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    user avataryretho2 years agoReport

    Thank you very much for this. Just remember that there is a circumflex accent on the i of s'il vous plaît when you are teaching it... :) A great PowerPoint!

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    user avatarPiou2 years agoReport

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    user avatartmaguire2 years agoReport

    This is absolutely first class. I teach French in a creche and this is perfect. Thank you so much. Teresa

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Feb 3, 2015

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