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French Quiz

The Ultimate KS3 French Quiz! For any time, no fuss, francophile fun. This quiz is a whirlwind tour through the curriculum, perfect for a bit of a start of term warm-up, or end of end term wind-down. The quiz is light-hearted and amusing, multiple choice, interactive and focused on all areas of the KS3 curriculum. The rounds include: Getting verbal - Common verbs Listen Up! - Listening round with links to short, French listening video clips Home sweet home - Around la maison Where is it? - Prepositions round Loud and clear! - Comprehension listening round (again with clips) Lucky Dip - A round with a mix of fun and challenging questions The preview images show a few examples from each round. Please note, the quiz is large so it’s in the ZIP file. The images are just a small preview of what’s inside :) All answers are included, there is a score sheet (last page of PowerPoint), and the quiz lasts up to 45 mins. It can either be played having the answers revealed as you go along, or the board can be paused and the answers read out at the end (you can play either in teams or individually). Who are EC Resources? EC Resources are a group of teachers who work together to create easy to use, high quality and editable lessons and units of work. We have created lessons for The Bank of England, The Children’s Commissioner, MACS Charity, The British Legion, Tes, LikeToBe Careers, the Criminal Cases Review Commission (UK Gov) and have also completed PSHE and Citizenship commissions for schools across the UK.
Time in FrenchQuick View

Time in French

This resource pack includes: Powerpoint Presentation- Numbers Starter Sheet Introduction to Time Match Up Worksheet Fill in Worksheets Vocab Sheet for Revision Answer sheets included. All worksheets featured in the Powerpoint are also available in an MS Word document. Also includes an accessible and editable version of the Powerpoint with simple font style. My worksheets are all A5 sized meaning they are far more economical for your school! If you are considering purchasing this resource pack - a HUGE thank you!
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Multi-Round French Quiz

Updated in July 2023 with a new added logo round Suitable for KS3 or KS4 as an end of term or end of year quiz. Lasted over an hour when tested on mixed ability Year 8s. A mixture of some old questions from quizzes and more up to date ones. 1st round - Les Marques Française 2nd round - La Culture Française 3rd round - La France 4th round - Les Français(es) 5th round - Manger et Boire 6th round - L’histoire
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French Food (9 worksheets)

A bundle of 9 worksheets on the topic of Food for French GCSE/KS3 which will support pupils to talk about the food they like and eat in the present, past & future tenses. Resource 1: Introducing types of food and the partitive article Resource 2: Food routine and adverbs of frequency Resource 3: Food and the immediate future tense Resource 4: Types of food & cuisine and preferences Resource 5: Adjectives and describing food Resource 6: Food and le passé composé Resource 7: A scaffolded writing task and model answer on food (past, present and future) Resource 8: A revision worksheet on all aspects of this topic. Resource 9: 4 pages of writing activities on food and fast food and a longer GCSE writing question with a model answer. Format: Word and PDF documents with answers.
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Ratatouille Descriptions French Revision

Ratatouille Revision lesson on describing people in French - aimed at Y7 level. Based on the film Ratatouille but can be used alongside film or without. To consolidate physical descriptions and describing personality. Differentiated version also included.
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French End of Year Quiz

French End of Year Quiz - all things French for GCSE students (or use with high ability KS3) with over 50 questions. This versatile, editable MFL resource can be used in the classroom as a revision activity, or to consolidate knowledge on a particular topic. Students can complete the quiz either individually or in small teams. We provide a PowerPoint presentation for teachers to conduct the quiz, and a specially designed answer sheet for students to record their answers on. Great to encourage friendly competition between students. This French quiz includes 10 different rounds: Round 1 – Identify Picture Round Round 2 – Discover the Truth Round 3 – Finding & Searching the Terms Round 4 – Matching Round Round 5 – Linking Up Round 6 – Multiple Choice Round 7 – Finding the Connections Round 8 – Educational Anagrams Round 9 – General Knowledge Round 10 – Numbers Round Tie Breaker – Designing an Item Contents of French Quiz ☞ 1 x Professionally designed PowerPoint quiz (Containing 10 different rounds and over 50 questions) ☞ 1 x FULLY DIGITAL STUDENT ANSWER SHEET – perfect for online learning! Student can fill in their editable PDF answer sheet and self-mark with built in tick boxes and score counter. ☞1 x Set of certificates for winning students (Gold, silver and bronze) ☞ 1 x Full set of answers (Animated at the end of the quiz) ☞ 1 x Printable student answer sheet Product Code: C8/QZ/329 Why not try out some of our other extremely popular high quality educational MFL resources: ⇨ Giant set of 240 Spanish Language Revision Task Cards ⇨ Spanish Family and Relationships ⇨ Family, Home and Descriptions Spanish lesson ⇨ Spanish - Technology ⇨ Spanish - Free time ⇨ Spanish- Study and Employment ⇨ Spanish - Healthy Living Task cards
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French A level Revision Lesson

A PowerPoint lesson, plus two booklets that would be perfect for an A level revision lesson (pre speaking exam). This can also be used for any revision workshops held during the holidays. Aimed at students of A level French doing the AQA exam. The PowerPoint provides a comprehensive lesson, full of grammar activities (created specifically based on what aspects tend to be tricky for students in the exam); breakdowns and explanations of each paper plus specific top-tips, advice and tasks; shows how to plan the essay, plus structure and language tips, and also includes information and advice on the speaking exam. This also comes with 2 booklets. One of which is for essay guidance, showing students how to plan, write the essays, and gives a comprehensive checklist on what to check over once they have finished the essay. It also provides very useful top tips, and vocabulary they could use to boost their expression in French. The second booklet is on the speaking exam. It provides guidance on the ‘card’ part, and demonstrates what to do for the IRP, providing a list of suggested titles. There is a large collation of vocabulary to use in the speaking exam, too.
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French A level Translation Workbook

A workbook (with an answerbook included as a separate document) for A level students doing French and needing translation practice. There are exercises on each theme from English to French and from French to English. The themes include: family structures, modern values, friendships, relationships youth trends, personality and identity educational and employment opportunities regional culture and identity in France and French speaking countries media, art, film and music in the French speaking world migration and integration cultural identity and marginalisation cultural enrichment and celebrating difference June1940-May 1945 the cultural dimensions in occupied France 1945-1950 Suitable for any exam board
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Immigration French A level

This bundle includes a variety of subtopics for the “Immigration" topic - A level. Subtopics included are : *aider les migrants (listening) *aider les migrants (reading) *raisons pour immigrer (reading) *origines des immigrés (reading) *origines des immigrés (listening) *impact de l’immigration (reading) *immigration et le football français (reading) *économie française (reading) *les droits des étrangers (reading) *le Bumidom (listening) *le chômage et les immigrés (listening) The worksheets include a variety of activities from : vocabulary search / match-up / match-up with synonyms / true or false / exam style questions These worksheet are also full of cultural references. Some of which are gathered in the speaking mat that is also available in this BUNDLE. The speaking mat also includes some potential speaking questions ANSWERS ARE PROVIDED Do not hesitate to let me know what you think of it, I also have a Facebook page should you have any questions. Other themes are available in my shop.


Take out the effort and time needed to prepare for GCSE French Higher Writing by using this handy, clearly organised lesson and resource! This is based on AQA but can be edited for any exam board. The power point presentation can also be adapted for different revision times: extended revision with practice questions or a quick reminder before the examination. Included: mark criteria, how you can achieve the highest marks, question break down, top tips, question practice, useful websites with prepared games, quizzes for different aspects of the exam… For my other resources in French, Spanish and German, please search: mwilde94210.
GCSE French: Christmas BookletQuick View

GCSE French: Christmas Booklet

Wide range of activities + answers on Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations. Some tasks are about Strasbourg Christmas market, Black Friday in Quebec or what French people do over the festive season. As well as referring to key vocab, some activities make reference to food, numbers or question words. As the answers are provided (PPT), students can just mark their own work. 19 activities Here’s a link to a vocab list you could use: Although this was for KS3, it can still be useful. Credits: Freepik at
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French Future Plans GCSE

Two standalone resources on ‘Mes projets d’avenir’ for GCSE. Resource 1: introduces key future time expressions, key infinitives, a review of the future tense, a reading comprehension and translation practice. Resource 2: a GCSE reading comprehension and vocabulary hunt on future plans. With answers.
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French IGCSE listening practice

7 Resources
French IGCSE listening practice questions on the topics of holidays, routine & chores, food, home and house, leisure, media and school. Great for FrenchI GCSE listening revisions. 49 listening excercises in this bundle to help your students get ready for their listening exam. Each worksheet includes pre-listening tasks which include key vocabulary that will be used in the recordings. Each recording comes with a transcript and answers. Ideal for self-assessment, independent work. Great for home learning. The transcript could also be used for further activities (vocabulary search, gap fills, looking for mistakes, looking for synonyms, reordering sentences, etc.) The 7 different exam style questions mirror the IGCSE French Edexcel listening papers. They can easily be adapted for AQA & EDEXCEL. (listening for detail / listening for opinions / taking notes / multiple answer questions / gap fill activities / taking notes (pros & cons) I hope this helps. Do not hesitate to get in touch with me on my Facebook page should you have any questions / comments. Revision, practice, home learning, independent learning, cover work, homework, lessons.
French phonics displayQuick View

French phonics display

A very comprehensive illustrated French phonics display, divided in vowel sounds, nasal sounds and consonants. 20 PPT slides including one sound per slide/page and a title page. Great resource to support the teaching of phonics in everyday lessons.
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French Games

KS2 / KS3 Beginners French Vocabulary Basics Revision Games: 5 fun printable gameboards, with differentiation, for Snakes and Ladders (Serpents et Echelles). These activities were originally designed for French beginners and near beginners in Primary (Year 4, 5 and 6) and Year 7 and 8 and equivalents. They work well as a fun revision speaking task, perhaps at the start of term or end of term, or to use as early finisher activities. Any words not managed could perhaps be looked up online or in a French dictionary. If you are using them with a larger group you might want to print in A3. Answer and instruction cards are included in the PDF file.   My FSL / MFL French basics resources and units suit students beginning French, near beginners (and intermediate learners for revision) in: Upper Primary (Key Stage 2) - Year 4, 5, 6 (Y4 Y5 Y6) Secondary (Key Stage 3) - especially Year 7 and 8 (Y7 / Y8) Equivalents such as Grades 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 Core French in Canada May suit others, depending on experience   Boards 1 and 2 feature French words to be translated into English Boards 3 and 4 feature English words to be translated into French Board 5 is for lower ability students and features pictures and multiple choice answers.   This activity would suit a range of age groups, depending on their level of French experience. Most of the words come from these topics: calendar (le calendrier) - days (les jours de la semaine), months (les mois), dates etc. numbers (les nombres / les numeros) introductions and greetings weather (la meteo / le temps) classroom objects (les objets de la classe) colours (les couleurs)   SAVE by purchasing this as part of this BUNDLE: French Revision Activities BUNDLE You might also like French Revision Worksheets BUNDLE, which contains: French Revision Puzzles Worksheets French Comprehension Worksheets   Thank you for your interest in my resources. I hope I can save you some time!   EXPLORE RESOURCES FOR MANY FRENCH TOPICS… French KS2 / KS3 MEGA BUNDLE 1 French KS2 / KS3 MEGA BUNDLE 2 French KS2 / KS3 MEGA BUNDLE 3
French activities "Ma ville"Quick View

French activities "Ma ville"

KS3 worksheets on how to describe a town. 4 different worksheets with a variety of activities to revise places in town, il y a / il n'y a pas / on peut / on ne peut pas, opinions.
Bumper French Holidays WordsearchQuick View

Bumper French Holidays Wordsearch

Bumper French holidays-themed wordsearch containing 30 words. Then find the hidden message using the remaining letters. Perfect as a starter to revise key vocabulary or for the end of term!
AS level French Revision BookletQuick View

AS level French Revision Booklet

For A level students having studied the AQA AS spec, this booklet covers all the topics with particular focus given to examples students can use in their speakings. Also covers key information in the textbooks, as well as coming with a revision checklist. Topics include: la famille en voie de changement la cyber-societe le role du benevolat une culture fiere de son patrimoine la musique francophone contemporaine le septieme art
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GCSE French Speaking Exam Pack

This is a complete Speaking Pack for GCSE French. The main presentation included in the pack has hyperlinks to allow you to easily navigate the menus and switch between candidate, teacher and example cards. It will guide both teachers and students through all parts of the new speaking exam. Easy to follow marking grids for all aspects of the speaking exam for both foundation and higher tiers Top tips for Role-Plays, Photo Cards and General Conversations Example Student cards Example Teacher cards Example scripts for Role-Plays Printable Student and Teacher Cards Printable marking grids for student feedback Printable worksheet for Top Tips This is the one-stop resource for seeing your students through this vital element of their French GCSE. I am really proud of this resource and hope you will find it as useful as I have! (DESIGNED FOR AQA. Could also be used for EdExcel GCSE French, but will need some adapting for the marking sheets)