GCSE French Revision AQAQuick View

GCSE French Revision AQA

A 13 week course of half an hour revision sessions covering all AQA French topics. Worksheets for pupils with PowerPoint of Answers including vocab, grammar, reading, writing and translation skills.
French A level translation bookletsQuick View

French A level translation booklets

3 Resources
Bundle of booklets to practise translations for the A level exam. Both booklet cover all the topics seen in Y1 and Y2 of the course + a separate booklet with answers. 10 sentences eng --> fr (45 marks) 2/3 paragrapfs fr --> eng (45 marks) The booklets can be use in class, as assessment or given to students as independant learning. booklet with translation tips Hours of time save ;)
French Greetings / Introductions WorksheetsQuick View

French Greetings / Introductions Worksheets

Bonjour! Ca va? Beginners French KS2 / KS3 (Year 4, 5, 6 and 7 and equivalents) printable writing activities for Greetings, Farewells and Introductions topic: 3 worksheets plus a crossword puzzle and wordsearch for introduction or revision of Les Salutations (hello, goodbye etc.) and introductions (Je me presente / Introducing myself) vocabulary. These resources will help you plan multiple lessons for students beginning French or near beginners requiring revision of basic vocab and phrases. There’s plenty here to provide homework tasks too. All in PDF format. Differentiated versions of almost all resources are included (not the Hidden Word Puzzle worksheet), with wordbanks or more challenging tasks included as appropriate. The one-star versions are the less challenging ones. The resources feature coloured illustrations but black and white printing would be fine. Answer keys for all resources and included.   This pack includes the following aspects of this topic: Greetings such as Bonjour and Salut Farewells such as Au revoir and A bientot How are you? (Ca va?) and related answers What’s your name? (Comment tu t’appelles?) and answers Where do you live? (Ou habites-tu?) and answers How old are you? (Quel age as-tu?) and answers   SAVE by getting this as part of a French Greetings and Introductions BUNDLE, which also contains: French Greetings and Introductions Presentation French Greetings and Introductions Games French Greetings and Introductions Role-Play Cards   ALL 4 ARE ALSO INCLUDED IN: French KS2 / KS3 MEGA BUNDLE 1   THESE WORKSHEETS ARE ALSO INCLUDED IN: French Worksheets and Puzzles MEGA BUNDLE   Many thanks for your interest in my resources. I hope I can save you some time!   MORE TOPICS TO EXPLORE… French KS2 / KS3 MEGA BUNDLE 2 French KS2 / KS3 MEGA BUNDLE 3   REVISION RESOURCES… French Basics Revision Activities BUNDLE French Basics Revision Worksheets BUNDLE
French Christmas Cards to colourQuick View

French Christmas Cards to colour

3 Christmas Card Designs (Christmas tree, Father Christmas and Mrs Christmas, Rudolph) Pupils colour the picture according to the instructions. I have included colour background and black and white version to save on printing. Simply print, pupils fold in half, write a message inside (suggestions provided).
French MFL Christmas QuizQuick View

French MFL Christmas Quiz

FRENCH Christmas Quiz MFL - Christmas Interactive / End of Term Quizzes aimed at KS3 and KS4 French students. Voici un concours de Noël qui peut être utilisé avec les élèves de KS3 et 4. Il comporte dix tours et chaque tour est une activité différente: Trouvez la différence, Vrai ou Faux avec des faits sur Noël et Identifiez le cadeau. (en français ou en anglais). Cette leçon durera une heure et permettra aux élèves de travailler et de discuter en équipe. Cette ressource comprend un questionnaire PowerPoint et une feuille de réponses recto-verso pour les étudiants, ainsi que des certificats pouvant être personnalisés pour les gagnants. Guess the French Present, The Emoji Round and translating films, Name the French Christmas tradition, Christmas Crackers, Spot the Difference, True or False French facts , Meme Challenge, and More… FUN/C8/QZ/150 Full 1 hour Lesson Full Version Over 10 rounds and 60+ Questions. Christmas Quiz. This resource contains: 1xPowerPoint 1x Student Answer Sheet double sided out of /60+ Marks (PDF and PPT Version) and all the answers!! Sets of Editable Team Certificates (1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place) This quiz resource is perfect for lesson time, form time, extra curricular clubs, part of a drop down day or as a fun treat for your class. This will last a full hour for the full quiz by the time you get students into small teams and run through the Quiz and the interactive way the answers appear. A tie-breaker is included which involves create a meme top 3 score points. This informative, fun and engaging quiz will be a great way to celebrate the end of term and Christmas. Why not try out some of our other extremely popular high quality language resources: Giant Spanish Christmas Quiz Spanish Bumper Christmas Activity Pack Family, Home and Descriptions Spanish lesson Spanish Christmas Bundle Spanish Home, Family and Descriptions Quiz SPANISH - Advent Calendar
French Holidays - Les vacancesQuick View

French Holidays - Les vacances

10 Resources
Save 83% with this bundle on the topic of Holidays. There are enough standalone resources here on which to base a whole unit, including the following: Holiday preferences in the present tense Holidays in the past tense + full review of forming the perfect tense Challenging GCSE reading comprehension and translations on the topic of holidays in present & past tenses The future tense - formation practice, reading and translation on my future holiday plans. Holidays in the future tense - two worksheets with reading, grammar and translation Useful ‘faire’ expressions for holidays in the present, past and future tenses The importance of holidays A ‘longer’ writing question on holidays requiring knowledge of the past, present and future tenses with a model answer and grade 8/9 structures support A bumper topic knowledge organsiser/ language mat on this topic with targeted translation practice. A resource on the impact of tourism - its environmental impact and the benefits.
French A level Grammar BookletQuick View

French A level Grammar Booklet

A complete French grammar booklet (123 pages) that includes the following: Aimed at A level students. §1 Passé composé / perfect tense §2: Subject, direct object and indirect object §3. Personal pronouns: direct and indirect object pronoun §4. Past participle: agreements §5. Passe composé or imperfect? §5.1 Plus-que-parfait – pluperfect §6. Present or future, perfect or future perfect? §7. Uses of conditional and conditional perfect §8. Sentences with si §9. The passive §10. Depuis etc: points to note concerning tenses: Depuis Venir de Il y a Devoir §11. Use of the infinitive §12. Relative pronouns (1) 1.1 qui 1.2 que 1.3 ce qui / ce que 1.4 word order §13 Relative pronouns (2): dont §14. Relative pronouns (3): relative pronouns after a preposition §15. The subjunctive (1): formation, some uses §16 The subjunctive (2): uses (cont.) §17 Asking questions (1): inversion §18. Asking questions (2): What? Who? General exercises Indirect questions §19. Pronouns: en §20. Pronouns: y §21. The Imperative §22. Demonstrative pronouns §23. Emphatic pronouns §24. Possessive pronouns • Key to exercises
French A level Revision LessonQuick View

French A level Revision Lesson

A PowerPoint lesson, plus two booklets that would be perfect for an A level revision lesson (pre speaking exam). This can also be used for any revision workshops held during the holidays. Aimed at students of A level French doing the AQA exam. The PowerPoint provides a comprehensive lesson, full of grammar activities (created specifically based on what aspects tend to be tricky for students in the exam); breakdowns and explanations of each paper plus specific top-tips, advice and tasks; shows how to plan the essay, plus structure and language tips, and also includes information and advice on the speaking exam. This also comes with 2 booklets. One of which is for essay guidance, showing students how to plan, write the essays, and gives a comprehensive checklist on what to check over once they have finished the essay. It also provides very useful top tips, and vocabulary they could use to boost their expression in French. The second booklet is on the speaking exam. It provides guidance on the ‘card’ part, and demonstrates what to do for the IRP, providing a list of suggested titles. There is a large collation of vocabulary to use in the speaking exam, too.
AS level French Revision BookletQuick View

AS level French Revision Booklet

For A level students having studied the AQA AS spec, this booklet covers all the topics with particular focus given to examples students can use in their speakings. Also covers key information in the textbooks, as well as coming with a revision checklist. Topics include: la famille en voie de changement la cyber-societe le role du benevolat une culture fiere de son patrimoine la musique francophone contemporaine le septieme art
French GCSE Reading WorkbookQuick View

French GCSE Reading Workbook

This 86-page workbook is based on the model answers to my writing workbook (available at https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/aqa-french-gcse-writing-workbook-and-model-answers-11646300) and contains 3 reading worksheets for every topic in the new AQA French GCSE syllabus plus answers for every task at the end of the document. Ideal for reading practice and assessments in Key Stage 4, revision and independent work for Year 11, or extension work for more able Key Stage 3 students. This can also be used for cover lessons with non-specialists as the tasks are straightforward and there are answers. As well as the Word document, I have included a PDF in case the fonts are not available on certain computers and the formatting therefore doesn't work properly on the Word doc. All questions and answers are my own, based on the new specification GCSE reading papers, and the photos are from royalty-free websites and it is all therefore photocopiable.


Comprehensive and interactive multi choice grammar quiz (72 slides) to revise a range of grammar points: tenses, adjectives, gender etc …in a fun way. Also included is a 15 slides PPT with gap-fill tasks to practice conjugation and adjectival agreement. Both PPT are Suitable for As and A2 students, this is a very effective resource to revise a range of grammar points in 30mn.
French IGCSE listening practiceQuick View

French IGCSE listening practice

7 Resources
French IGCSE listening practice questions on the topics of holidays, routine & chores, food, home and house, leisure, media and school. Great for FrenchI GCSE listening revisions. 49 listening excercises in this bundle to help your students get ready for their listening exam. Each worksheet includes pre-listening tasks which include key vocabulary that will be used in the recordings. Each recording comes with a transcript and answers. Ideal for self-assessment, independent work. Great for home learning. The transcript could also be used for further activities (vocabulary search, gap fills, looking for mistakes, looking for synonyms, reordering sentences, etc.) The 7 different exam style questions mirror the IGCSE French Edexcel listening papers. They can easily be adapted for AQA & EDEXCEL. (listening for detail / listening for opinions / taking notes / multiple answer questions / gap fill activities / taking notes (pros & cons) I hope this helps. Do not hesitate to get in touch with me on my Facebook page should you have any questions / comments. Revision, practice, home learning, independent learning, cover work, homework, lessons.
French Tenses Masterclass (GCSE)Quick View

French Tenses Masterclass (GCSE)

A worksheet containing all information about various French tenses and how to form them, with a space for practice on the opposite side.
French activities "Ma ville"Quick View

French activities "Ma ville"

KS3 worksheets on how to describe a town. 4 different worksheets with a variety of activities to revise places in town, il y a / il n'y a pas / on peut / on ne peut pas, opinions.
French Christmas Traditions.Quick View

French Christmas Traditions.

This is a fun cultural resource that goes through various French Christmas traditions, in English, including some French words. This is aimed at pupils in both KS2 and KS3. There are 18 slides of information and pictures. After that, there is a multiple-choice quiz to check what pupils have understood and/or information they have retained. The quiz is on the PowerPoint (as are the answers) but there is also a separate worksheet version of the quiz. There is a writing / drawing activity for pupils to do at the end and a separate word search document which has words from the activities.
Bumper French Easter WordsearchQuick View

Bumper French Easter Wordsearch

Bumper Easter wordsearch including 20 words. Find the words in French then look for the hidden message using the remaining letters!
Greetings in FrenchQuick View

Greetings in French

Greetings written in French with a corresponding picture. Can be printed for flashcards to help with children’s instant recognition of simple words.
greetings in frenchQuick View

greetings in french

This is a simple powerpoint to introduce greetings in french at the beginning of year 7. Some of the slides can be printed to use as flashcards. The pictures can be used to make mini flashcards for games. It is also useful for KS2 Please rate it and let me know how I can improve it.
French ColoursQuick View

French Colours

PowerPoint on colours: match up activity; vocabulary with pictures; vocabulary to copy (with a sheet for SEN pupils); which colours are missing; what colour is appearing; word order; noughts and crosses; adjective endings (not including irregular as we did these separately on the other whiteboard); correct/incorrect; translate the sentences.