Work on recognising common sound patterns in French. The first file is a list of different things I’ve done in lessons - other files are materials I’ve used for these activities. I've uploaded the rest of the resources here as you can only attach a certain number of files to one listing. Enjoy!


  • family_fortunes_starter_-_words_for_phonics_cards.ppt
  • phonics_pictures_-_find_the_link.doc
  • First_few_phonics_lessons.ppt
  • sound_islands.ppt
  • mini_WB_graphemes_-_oi,_ou,_au,_eu.ppt
  • Au_Zoo.doc
  • Bizoo_d'eskimo_-_for_spotting_rhymes.doc
  • J'ai_du_chocolat.doc
  • J'ai_vu_(all_sounds_-_repeats).doc
  • Activities_to_do_to_practise_recognising_phonemes(1).doc

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