Full Scheme of Work for WJEC Eduqas GCSE English Literature Poetry Anthology 1789 to Present Day C1B

WJEC Eduqas GCSE English Literature Component 1B – 1789 to the present day.
This full scheme of work has analysis of all 18 poems from the Poetry Anthology.
The first 6 poems are split into 3 lessons and the last 12 poems are split into 2 lessons.
Each poem includes a 20-30 page Powerpoint broken down into 2/3 separate lessons for the poems.
Each lesson has a starter to hook the class into the lesson, activities for individual, paired and whole class work and a suitable plenary at the end of each lesson.
Each lesson includes:
Context of the poem.
Each stanza broken down with analysis.
Personal response.
Ideas and themes of the poem, including video clips and images.
Interactive activities for stanza analysis.
Opportunity for a written response.
After the 6th poem and the 12th poem there is a mock exam with mark scheme. After the 18th poem there is a full mock exam with the same questions expected in their GCSE.

Poems included are:

A Wife in London
As Imperceptibly as Grief
Cozy Apologia
Death of a Naturalist
Dulce Et Decorum Est
Hawk Roosting
Living Space
Mametz Wood
She Walks in Beauty
Sonnet 43
The Prelude
The Soldier
Ode To Autumn


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  • 02-'A-Wife-in-London'-annotation-sheets-9X5.docx
  • 02-'A-Wife-in-London'-annotation-sheets.docx
  • 02-'A-Wife-in-London'-poem.docx
  • 02-A-Wife-in-London-(2-lessons).pptx
  • 02-Definitions-of-words-from-'A-Wife-in-London'.docx
  • 04-'How-Do-I-Love-Thee'-poem.docx
  • 04-'How-Do-I-Love-Thee'.pptx
  • 04-How-do-I-love-thee-starter.docx
  • 05-Valentine.pptx
  • 07-Hawk-Roosting-(1).pptx
  • 08-'Hawk-Roosting'-2.pptx
  • 09-'The-Soldier'.pptx
  • 10-Poetry-revision.pptx
  • 11-Poetry-revision.pptx
  • 12-Poetry-revision-table.docx
  • 12-Poetry-revision.pptx
  • 00-Complete-Poetry-revision-table-B.docx
  • 00-Post-1789-Poetry-booklet-B.docx
  • 01-As-Imperceptibly-As-Grief.pptx
  • 01-Match-up-Imperceptible.docx
  • 02-As-Imperceptibly-As-Grief.pptx
  • 03-Afternoons.pptx
  • 03-Afternoons-split-into-sections.docx
  • 03-Young-Mothers-Documentary-Questions.docx
  • 04-Afternoons.pptx
  • 05-Close-analysis-of-a-quote.docx
  • 05-Dulce.pptx
  • 06-Dulce-.pptx
  • 06-Hell-in-the-trenches.docx
  • 07-Mametz-Wood.pptx
  • 08-Mametz-Wood.pptx
  • 09-To-Autumn.pptx
  • 10-sheets.docx
  • 10-To-Autumn.pptx
  • 11-Excerpt-from-The-Prelude.docx
  • 11-The-Prelude.pptx
  • 11-The-Prelude-analysis.docx
  • 11-William-Wordsworth-Information-Activity.docx
  • 12-The-Prelude.pptx
  • 12-wjec-eduqas-gcse-english-literature-sams-from-2015.pdf
  • 12-Year-10b-Post-1789-poetry-assessment.docx
  • Comparing-time-poems.pptx
  • Comparing-war-poems.pptx
  • Grid.docx
  • Reflection.pptx
  • Time-sheet.docx
  • Post-1789-poetry-copy.pptx

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