I made this for year 7 during a faculty review. The kids really liked it, as did the observers. I hope it's helpful to you. Please add a review so I can adapt it if needed. The film clip used was at the begining of Attenborough's film of Gandhi, from him on the train getting thrown off then stopping when he is getting beaten by the policeman at the demonstration


  • How did Gandhi put his Hindu beliefs into.pptx
  • Gandhi situations.docx

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    user avatarnance20083 months agoreport

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    user avatarWaiguoren7 months agoreport

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing this.

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    user avatarsignera year agoreport

    Couldn't get the video clip to play. No explanation of how to play game 'You say we don't pay' so this resource is NOT useful - however the drama situations are great.

    • user avatarngriffithsReply from Authora year ago

      Morning. You say we don't pay is sort of like Taboo, a pupils stands with their back to the screen and has to guess the word from the clues given by the rest of the class. Its a game that Richard and Judy used to play on their TV show.

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    user avatarnikb782 years agoreport

    Thank you for sharing these fantastic resources. I will be using them with my year 5 class. Love the 'you say, we don't pay' plenary - a great way to check understanding of key ideas.

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    user avatarCUCKOOLAND3 years agoreport

    Thank you for sharing these excellent resources