GCSE German Grammar/Preparation for AS Level
This is a 36 page booklet covering basic grammar for GCSE level. It uses simple, none topic specific vocabulary as the focus is on grammar. There are simple explanations, exercises and solutions at the back of the booklet. I also give this to prospective Year 12 students to work through over the summer as a reminder/preparation for the AS level. I also have the whole thing as a Smart Notebook document, where answers can be revealed. Selected parts could also be used with good KS3 groups. 20 Grammar points are covered. Please see below.

• Personal Pronouns Page 3
• The Present Tense of Regular Verbs Page 5
• Irregular Verbs in the Present Tense Page 7
• Haben and Sein Page 9
• Separable Verbs Page 10
• The Perfect Tense with Haben Page 11
• The Perfect Tense with Sein Page 14
• The Perfect Tense with Haben and Sein Page 16
• The Future Tense Page 17
• Modal Verbs Page 19
• Word Order (Simple) Page 21
• Word Order (Complex) Page 22
• Word Order (Time, Manner, Place ) Page 23
• Prepositions with the Dative Case Page 24
• Prepositions with the Accusative Case Page 26
• Dual Case Prepositions Page 28
• Plurals Page 29
• Relative Clauses Page 31
• Questions Page 32
• Comparatives and Superlatives Page 33
• Solutions Page 35
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