GCSE History revision notes - causes and events of WW1
Comprehensive revision notes covering all of the topics from the causes and events of the First World War.
Full set of A* level notes.

> Scramble for Africa
> Militarism, Nationalism, Alliances, Imperialism
> Arms race
> Moroccan crises
> Balkan crises
> The outbreak of war
> War plans
> Western front. Trenches. Technology. Battle of the Somme. Haig.
> Gallipoli. The war at sea.
> Eastern front. Russian failure.
> Reasons for Armistice

The inter war years
> Peace conferences and attitudes.
> Treaty of Versailles and other treaties.
> League of Nations. Aims. Successes. Failures.
> Manchuria and Abyssinia
> Failure of the League

Path to WW2
> Hitler’s foreign policy:
> Timeline 1938-39
> Rearmament
> The Saar, remilitarisation of the Rhineland, Anschluss, Sudetenland
> Munich conference, Czechoslovakia, Nazi Soviet pact, Poland invasion, appeasement
> Causes of WW2

Contains very in depth information. Recommended for GCSE WW1 History.
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History WW1 GCSE History revision

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