A simple quiz with all the formulae that students are expected to remember at Foundation level GCSE.
Covers all 16 formulae with one formula per slide and they automatically advance after 10 seconds.
3 different versions with the same questions in a different order.

I intend to use these multiple times so that they start to stick!


  • Formulae-to-memorise-GCSE-Foundation-1.pptx
  • Formulae-to-memorise-GCSE-Foundation-2.pptx
  • Formulae-to-memorise-GCSE-Foundation-3.pptx

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2 Reviews

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    Thanks! A great resource! Any plans to create a Higher quiz?

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    user avatarbrstes9 months agoreport

    Nice straightforward revision quiz. The timer will make learners focus.

    • user avatarDaveGaleReply from Author9 months ago

      Thanks. That's exactly what I'm going for!