GCSE Maths: Pythagoras Revision Lesson worksheet

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Students will need a basic (or better) understanding of Pythagoras' Theorem. Split the class into 5 groups. Print out the 5 tasks on to separate A3 sheets and place one on each table. Get the groups of students to work on each task writing their answers on the answer sheets provided (sheets 5-8). Allow 5-10 minutes then move the whole class around to the next task. Discuss everyone's findings at the end of the lesson. I have used this with both very weak and very strong groups. Excellent way of consolidating their understanding of pythagoras&' theorem.

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CreatedNov 19, 2011
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    This is a great resource to use when revising Pythagoras' Theorem. As explained in the description students are divided into groups and they rotate around the five different problems spending 5-10 minutes on each one. It may be wise to divide the class into more groups and add in a few extra problems, just to ensure everyone in the group has a role. I have found it useful to have another activity for students to do if they have completed their problem, otherwise they are sat waiting for the other groups. Perhaps a sheet with LOADS of simple Pythagoras questions on and each one completed earns them an extra point. Just an idea, thank you very much for sharing this.