End of unit worksheets to help with pupil revision. Let me know if these are useful or if anything needs changing.I have also recently added a front cover sheet and a homework checklist sheet and have printed it off and used it as a homework booklet for the pupils. It saves me planning homework each week and makes sure that the new OFSTED criteria for regular homework is met. Hope it saves you the hassle of planning it. Cheers.


  • Chapter 4 influences in sport.doc
  • Chapter 5 opportunities.doc
  • Chapter 7 healthy active lifestyle.doc
  • Chapter 8 5 components.doc
  • Chapter 9 skills related components.doc
  • Chapter 10 fitness tests.doc
  • Chapter 11 principles of training.doc
  • Chapter 12 Goal Setting.doc
  • Chapter 13 methods of training.doc
  • Chapter 14 the exercise session aerobic and anaerobic.doc
  • Chapter 17 and 18 Diet and Performance.doc
  • Chapter 19 Somatotypes.doc
  • Chapter 22 Drugs in sport.doc
  • Chapter 23 risk assessment and injury.doc
  • Chapter 25 regular exercise and the cv system.doc
  • GCSE PE homework cover.docx
  • homework checklist.docx

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