IGCSE Cambridge Physical Education Key Words listsQuick View

IGCSE Cambridge Physical Education Key Words lists

IGCSE Cambridge Physical Education Key Words lists Tidy tables and presentations of all key words in IGCSE Cambridge PE. Can be used as a display, handouts for performance files or inside student workbooks: Keys words from all 11 units including: Anatomy and physiology C1: The skeletal and muscular system C2: Respiratory system C3: Circulatory system C4: Energy supply and the effects of exercise on the body C5: Simple biomechanics Health, fitness and training C6: Health and well-being C7: Training C8: Skills and skill acquisition C9: Psychology Social, cultural and ethical influences C10: Social and cultural influences C11: Ethics and other issues Includes: Title/heading tennis introduction
Physical Education non participant worksheetQuick View

Physical Education non participant worksheet

Designed to aid secondary school PE teachers in giving non participants a productive worksheet to complete if they are unable/it is not relevant for them to coach/umpire during the lesson. The worksheet is generic for any activity and will develop the analytical skills of the pupil. The worksheet will ask the pupil to explore the lesson objectives, the warm up, the coaching points of the skill being taught and to analyse two students of differing abilities. Furthermore, there is a differentiated additional task of designing a new drill/activity with options to increase/decrease the difficulty of the exercise. ** An Ofsted inspector was very impressed with the content of the sheet when questioning a non participant in my group and stated 'an excellent and challenging PE resource for all capabilities' . ** Furthermore, we all have students who like to make up excuses/convince their parents they are too ill for PE so hand you a note to be excused. When they realise there is writing involved in PE each time they manage to be excused from participating they may decide that taking part in the lesson is the a more sensible option! Which is what an outstanding PE teacher should want- all their students to be actively involved if possible.


Cambridge GCSE and IGCSE Physical Education (PE) Practice questions and mark-schemes - Whole course / all chapters / topics 51 Individual quizzies covering emtire syllabus Over 250 questions covering entire syllabus in detail Organised by chapter 1 - 5 mark questions for each subtopic. Anatomy and physiology Muscular skeletal system Respiratory system Circulatory system Energy systems and recovery Simple biomechanics Health, fitness and training Health and well-being Training Skill acquisition and psychology Skills and skill acquisition Psychology Social, Cultural and ethical influences Social and cultural influences Ethics and other issues Questions are derived from past paper exams and may be used alongside the official Cambridge text-book. For revision or use during lessons. Includes both short and long answer questions. This resource gives students the opportunity to apply their knowledge of every single learning objective in the Cambridge syllabus in detail.
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Cambridge IGCSE Physical Education Revision Guide (0413)

This 74 page revision guide will provide revision material which is presented in a clear, concise, but not too condensed format, appropriate for international students sitting the Cambridge IGCSE PE examination. They may be used for study and homework throughout the year but are predominantly intended as student revision. Suitable for all students, it will stretch those of a lower ability while challenging and providing a wealth of exam practice for students of higher ability. Visual and EAL learners will be supported by the diagrams and figures that are used to illustrate all concepts, ranging from the elementary to the complex. Each section/topic contains past exam questions, with the answers for each question in the back of the booklet along with a glossary of key terms. The guide contains the following: Unit 1 Skill Motivation and Mental Preparation Skeleton and Joints Muscles and Tendons Circulatory and Respiratory Systems Fitness Physique Drugs Unit 2 Health Diet Games: Safe Practice Injuries Exercise and Training Unit 3 Leisure and Recreation Facilities, Participation, Excellence Global Events Media Access to Sport Exam Question Answers Glossary
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Physical Education JUMBO Bundle - PE Christmas

4 Resources
PE End of Term Christmas Pack - Physical Education - 1 x PE and Sport Digital Generation Escape Room - Very Fun! 1 x PE Themed First Generation Digital Escape Room 1 x GCSE PE Students End of Term Quiz Bonus: 1 x Set of FREE PE cover sheets Detailed Descriptions: GCSE PE Christmas Quiz - Christmas 65+ Questions Christmas / End of Term Quiz aimed at KS4 PE students. Every round is completely different and not just your boring Q and A style. Inste or even KS3 Students. Each round tests a different type of skill. Full 1 hour Lesson Over 10 rounds and 65+ Questions. Christmas Quiz. This resource contains: 1x PowerPoint with questions and answers 1x Student Answer Sheet double sided out of /60+ Marks 3 sets of Editable Team Certificates (1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place) Round 1: Identify Santas Movements Guessing the Physical movement that has been highlighted in each picture Round 2: Acroynms Expanding terms like DOME and EPOC Round 3: Component fitness Tests Name the Component and Fitness and test **Round 4: Higher or Lower ** Work out it its higher or lower than the next statement Round 5: Cardio Catch Work out these fun picture clues Round 6: Christmas True or False Good variety of themed questions Round 7: Multiple Choice PE Theory Put your team to the test Round 8: Wordsearch Round Topical Trivia and confusion **Round 9: The Which one round ** Solve the maths puzzle in the time limit Round 10: Anagram Round Pick the right one **BONUS TIE BREAKER ** Create the Santa Meme This quiz resource is perfect for a PE Theory lesson or form time, extra curricular clubs, part of a drop down day or as a fun treat for your class. Brand New PE Escape Rooms - End of Term Digital Escape Room - 2nd Generation Virtual Escape Room by Cre8tive Resources! Can you escape the School Before the End of Term? This lasts an hour or under depending on how quick the teams can solve each puzzle! Students love this style of lesson, great as an educational treat for your class. Product Contents: Escape Room Interactive Tracker PowerPoint - Keeps the competitive nature on display Escape Room Puzzle Keys (Six Sets for Six Teams) Escape Room Team sheet - Record codes, answers clues as they progress through the 7 rooms Escape Room Puzzles (7 Rooms = 7 Different styles of Puzzles involving numeracy, literacy and lateral thinking to escape the School) Teacher Answer Sheet - Quickly confirm to teams they have solved the puzzle correctly Teacher instructions of how to set up the escape room and what to print and top tips and shortcuts. Successful Escape Certificates for those that complete the entire challenge (There is a difficult bonus escape too :) for any quick teams The 7 Rooms include: Playground, Hallway F, English Classroom, Never Ending Basement, Heads Office, The Library and Finally the Secret Laboratory (Each Puzzle has been adapted to suit the topic of this Escape Room and is suitable to KS3 and KS4 Student. You may also want to check out these other great Physical Education resources: Physical Education GCSE Quiz - Christmas PE Christmas Jumbo Pack KS3 and KS4 PE Christmas Quizzes Guess the Sports Quiz PE Escape Room PE Cover Lesson PE Escape rooms Bundle
AQA Physical Education - Practical GCSE Football ModerationQuick View

AQA Physical Education - Practical GCSE Football Moderation

This is a ready to go session for an external AQA GCSE Football moderation. It can be easily adapted to meet Edexcel specifications or broken down and taught as individual lessons to any age range. This session meets all AQA specifications and demonstrates the required skills in isolation, under pressure and in competitive situations. Each drill has a description and diagram to help understand and visualize how to set up and conduct the session. Please leave a review and comment how I can improve my resources, thank you!
AQA Physical Education - The BodyQuick View

AQA Physical Education - The Body

7 page revision sheet for AQA Physical Education GCSE Musculoskeletal system Types of Bones Skeletal system Synovial Joints The Heart Cardiac Cycle Types of Blood Vessel Information on sheet is taken from BBC Bitesize and GCSEPod videos - Exam questions taken from AQA sample exam papers - information is not my own.
1-9 GCSE Level Descriptors Physical EducationQuick View

1-9 GCSE Level Descriptors Physical Education

I have designed these level descriptors for the new 1-9 grading system. We use these in our department from KS3 all the way through to KS4 to add consistency to our reporting. Students in year 7 will progress through the 1-9 system as they move from year 7 to year 11. The descriptors address 6 strands - Skill, Tactics & Strategy, Teamwork and leadership, Competitive situations, Analysis of performance and Theoretical knowledge.
Physical Education HandbookQuick View

Physical Education Handbook

This is what you will get, all the policies and produces to run a department: Aims of the Physical Education Department Staffing Structure Procedures for Changing Physical Education Kit Non-participants Wet Weather Lessons Behavioural Policy Homework Policy Extra-curricular Provision including Visitors and Clubs Curriculum Content Timetable 2015-16 Curriculum IGCSE Physical Education Curriculum AS/2 Level Physical Education Curriculum AS Level Physical Education Curriculum A2 Level Physical Education Cover for Absent Teachers Assessment, Recording and Reporting Baseline Assessment Marking Literacy Numeracy Information and Communication Technology Gifted and Talented Enterprise Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning Helping Children Achieve More Special Educational Needs and Differentiation Equal Opportunity Cross-curricular Cross-phase Rewards Health and Safety Policy Examples of Risk Assessment I am dyslexic, so if you find some silly mistakes, I am, very sorry
Physical Education - Target GamesQuick View

Physical Education - Target Games

This PE Target Games pack provides you with 20 exciting and engaging games and skill stations. Each activity is expertly designed to increase student proficiency, engagement and skill for many types of target games, students will propel balls and aim for targets in various ways. All these games are tried and tested, and will be a sure fire hit with your students. Within each game is ways to modify the activity, what equipment you will need and a Q&A section. Also included is a peer assessment sheet that students can use to assess their throwing skills
Purposeful Physical Education LessonsQuick View

Purposeful Physical Education Lessons

This was designed after working in Primary and Secondary schools to support teachers when looking at 'What does good look like&'. It also follows the principles and teaching strategies of Val Sabin.
Dual Coding in Physical EducationQuick View

Dual Coding in Physical Education

This resources provides dual coding for 34 key concepts in Physical Education, including components of fitness, methods of training and principles of training. In addition to the dual coding, the resource also provides accroynm’s to be used as memory techniques by learners to recall this key content. These images and slides can easily be copied and pasted into new resources you make, used as posters in changing rooms, printed as flash cards for learners or used for memory recall starter tasks.
Thinking Skills for Physical EducationQuick View

Thinking Skills for Physical Education

More than 250 questions on power point slides to get your students really thinking! Perfect as a stand alone starter activity, or to lead into the main theme of your lesson. These questions don't have a 'right' or 'wrong' answer, per se, You can present them to your students to see what they think and challenge them to justify their thinking - perfect for developing reasoning skills and arguing for or against a point of view. A really useful alternative to asking recall questions which only assess students' memory - these questions will draw out their deeper thinking. Suitable for all levels.
Progress and assessment booklet for Physical educationQuick View

Progress and assessment booklet for Physical education

A booklet used to track the progress of KS3 pupils in Physical education. KAL grading system (Knowledge, Awareness and LEadership) with detailed criteria set on the 1-9 scale. Knowledge encompasses some of the GCSE theoretical content that is taught along side the KS3 curriculum. Awareness focuses on effort, tactical awareness and community in PE lessons. Leadership looks to develop pupils confidence and ability to lead small groups and take ownership of their lessons. The grading criteria for practical sports has been ommited as we use the AQA GCSE PE skill critera for each sport and this is accessible elsewhere. However, any criteria can be added for the practical element and placed within the booklet. There is opportunity for pupils to self assess and reflect on their current grades as well as setting targets for themselves. This is currently the method of assessment in my school and it is working very well. pupils enjoy knowing their grade, like being compared to GCSE students and it has delivered a real focus for staff teaching the subject. booklet allows progress to be tracked from year 7 to year 9 with 3 assessment points throughout each year. At each assessment point pupils can set targets to achieve for the next assessment point, one target for each part of KAL. Booklet also has designated area to record athletics scores over 3 years which has really helped us in selecting pupils for events and entering for certification. The back page allows staff to see, at glance, grading at each assessment point and sports grades achieved without having to sift through each page of every book. We currently have one of these books for each KS3 pupil. They will keep this with them throughout their time with us and it will be used as reference at each assessment point, parents evening and report home.
PE Poster: Why Physical Education?Quick View

PE Poster: Why Physical Education?

PHYS ED ROCKS!!! This colorful Why Physical Education poster identifies 10 important and life-altering outcomes that stem from quality physical education. The statements are brief, yet POWERFUL! The PDF file includes 4 different header colors to match your school’s gym colors.
PE Display - Benefits of Physical EducationQuick View

PE Display - Benefits of Physical Education

Over 40 benefits of PE to make your display boards look awesome! Take a look at the example display in the preview! :) Editable PowerPoint and PDF file included. Can also be shared via Google Slides.