Physical Education non participant worksheetQuick View

Physical Education non participant worksheet

Designed to aid secondary school PE teachers in giving non participants a productive worksheet to complete if they are unable/it is not relevant for them to coach/umpire during the lesson. The worksheet is generic for any activity and will develop the analytical skills of the pupil. The worksheet will ask the pupil to explore the lesson objectives, the warm up, the coaching points of the skill being taught and to analyse two students of differing abilities. Furthermore, there is a differentiated additional task of designing a new drill/activity with options to increase/decrease the difficulty of the exercise. ** An Ofsted inspector was very impressed with the content of the sheet when questioning a non participant in my group and stated 'an excellent and challenging PE resource for all capabilities' . ** Furthermore, we all have students who like to make up excuses/convince their parents they are too ill for PE so hand you a note to be excused. When they realise there is writing involved in PE each time they manage to be excused from participating they may decide that taking part in the lesson is the a more sensible option! Which is what an outstanding PE teacher should want- all their students to be actively involved if possible.
Physical Education - Invasion GamesQuick View

Physical Education - Invasion Games

Why do you need this product? This PE Invasion games pack provides you with 20 exciting and engaging games that you can use for many sports which fit the invasion games criteria. Each game is expertly designed to cater for many types of invasion games, so whether you are teaching Rugby, Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Handball etc all you have to do is substitute the correct ball and modify the playing area and you are good to go. All these games are tried and tested and will be a sure fire hit with your students. Within each game is ways to modify the activity, what equipment you will need and a Q&A section. Also included is a peer assessment sheet that students can use to assess gameplay and decision making.
Physical Education: Badminton Serving Activity CardsQuick View

Physical Education: Badminton Serving Activity Cards

2 x Serving Activity Card Worksheets (Forehand Serve & Backhand Serve) 1 x Badminton Scoring Sheet Enhance your Badminton lesson with these activity cards allowing students to work on their forehand and backhand service actions. These activity cards allow for peer feedback and assessment within your class, as well as outlining lesson targets using traffic-light coloured objectives. The Badminton Scoring Sheets are ideal for non-participating students, engaging them actively within the lesson. The scoring sheets will also aid in creating a tournament competition within the lesson. All included activities and sheets are suitable as laminated material to be used in future lesson.s. All materials are available for download in Pages and PDF format.


Cambridge GCSE and IGCSE Physical Education (PE) Practice questions and mark-schemes - Whole course / all chapters / topics 51 Individual quizzies covering emtire syllabus Over 250 questions covering entire syllabus in detail Organised by chapter 1 - 5 mark questions for each subtopic. Anatomy and physiology Muscular skeletal system Respiratory system Circulatory system Energy systems and recovery Simple biomechanics Health, fitness and training Health and well-being Training Skill acquisition and psychology Skills and skill acquisition Psychology Social, Cultural and ethical influences Social and cultural influences Ethics and other issues Questions are derived from past paper exams and may be used alongside the official Cambridge text-book. For revision or use during lessons. Includes both short and long answer questions. This resource gives students the opportunity to apply their knowledge of every single learning objective in the Cambridge syllabus in detail.
AQA A Level Physical EducationQuick View

AQA A Level Physical Education

A packaged resource complete with teaching powerpoints, revision materials and assessments. It covers all aspects of the AQA A Level Physical Education Syllabus and should be a one stop shop for your delivery of this course.
Physical Education Gym/Fitness Suite Task CardsQuick View

Physical Education Gym/Fitness Suite Task Cards

Physical Education Gym/Fitness Suite Task Cards. Can be placed next to gym equipment, providing suggested session plan for that equipment. Each also focuses on a method of training and links to sports performers. Equipment included: Treadmill x2 Rower x2 Bike x2 Spin Bike Smith Machine Matted area (flexibility and strength) Functional training cable machine Leg Press Hamstiring curl/extension Pec fly/rear deltoid Chest Press Pullup stand
Dual Coding in Physical EducationQuick View

Dual Coding in Physical Education

This resources provides dual coding for 34 key concepts in Physical Education, including components of fitness, methods of training and principles of training. In addition to the dual coding, the resource also provides accroynm’s to be used as memory techniques by learners to recall this key content. These images and slides can easily be copied and pasted into new resources you make, used as posters in changing rooms, printed as flash cards for learners or used for memory recall starter tasks.
Physical Education - Target GamesQuick View

Physical Education - Target Games

This PE Target Games pack provides you with 20 exciting and engaging games and skill stations. Each activity is expertly designed to increase student proficiency, engagement and skill for many types of target games, students will propel balls and aim for targets in various ways. All these games are tried and tested, and will be a sure fire hit with your students. Within each game is ways to modify the activity, what equipment you will need and a Q&A section. Also included is a peer assessment sheet that students can use to assess their throwing skills
Thinking Skills for Physical EducationQuick View

Thinking Skills for Physical Education

More than 250 questions on power point slides to get your students really thinking! Perfect as a stand alone starter activity, or to lead into the main theme of your lesson. These questions don't have a 'right' or 'wrong' answer, per se, You can present them to your students to see what they think and challenge them to justify their thinking - perfect for developing reasoning skills and arguing for or against a point of view. A really useful alternative to asking recall questions which only assess students' memory - these questions will draw out their deeper thinking. Suitable for all levels.
AQA Physical Education - The BodyQuick View

AQA Physical Education - The Body

7 page revision sheet for AQA Physical Education GCSE Musculoskeletal system Types of Bones Skeletal system Synovial Joints The Heart Cardiac Cycle Types of Blood Vessel Information on sheet is taken from BBC Bitesize and GCSEPod videos - Exam questions taken from AQA sample exam papers - information is not my own.
PE Display - Benefits of Physical EducationQuick View

PE Display - Benefits of Physical Education

Over 40 benefits of PE to make your display boards look awesome! Take a look at the example display in the preview! :) Editable PowerPoint and PDF file included. Can also be shared via Google Slides.
Human Rights : EducationQuick View

Human Rights : Education

An hour long, fully resourced Citizenship / Geography KS3 lesson with a focus on the political, human, physical and economic reasons stopping Ethiopian children from attending school. The four-level differentiated lesson is filled with engaging, well structured and fun activities and contains a thirty minute literacy-focus with peer-assessment grading pack, where students complete an essay task explaining why some children in Ethiopia cannot gain a full education. These resources have been designed to be engaging, detailed and easy to follow. All our resources are editable (so easy to adapt for your classes). This lesson could be used for Citizenship, Geography or PSHCE. You can find many more inexpensive and free PSHE, Citizenship and RE resources at my shop: MORE PSHE RESOURCES
GCSE Physical Education AQA Revision Mind MapQuick View

GCSE Physical Education AQA Revision Mind Map

2 sided A3 mind map for pupil revision Covers: Systems of the body - cardiovascular, muscular, skeletal and respiratory Health and skill related components of fitness Healthy active lifestyle Risk and Challenge Individual Differences Activity Levels
Physical Education Activity BookletQuick View

Physical Education Activity Booklet

This booklet can be used for primary and secondary school children to test their sports knowledge. This booklet covers a range of sports and provides different activities and games for children to complete.
Physical Education - Gymnastics UnitQuick View

Physical Education - Gymnastics Unit

A Complete Gymnastics unit with engaging lessons for experienced and non experienced PE Teachers, coaches and everyone in between. Ideally aimed at students from year 3-6 but can be easily adjusted to suit younger and older students. Why should you get this pack? If you are looking to deliver a high quality gymnastics unit for your Physical Education lessons then this pack is for you. Designed and tested by an experienced Phys Ed Teacher, this unit has it all. What is included? 6 x 1 hour highly detailed lesson plans. Step by Step to guide your teaching, perfect for both experienced and inexperienced PE teachers. Step by Step guidance on how to teach Rolls, Jumps, Balances, Shapes , Handstands, Cartwheels and more Follow the lesson plans directly or pick and choose from a myriad of extra games and skill drills 35+ extra skill activities for the floor, beam, trampoline and wedge Skill demonstration video links added, simply click and play to show how to perform a skill. Perfect for visual learners. Direct links to the curriculum for every lesson Success criteria and focus questions for every lesson Plus lots of additional extras like questions, teaching recommendations, differentiation strategies. Partner Balance Task Cards Everything you to teach Gymnastics confidently! Easy to teach Print and teach! Each lesson and activity states exactly what you need and how to teach it. This pack can easily be added to a tablet as a PDF/Powerpoint and Keynote and taken with you while you teach. This really is a an amazing and fantastic unit, one that you will be able to use over and over.
Body Systems - Physical EducationQuick View

Body Systems - Physical Education

This is a PowerPoint that can be used across secondary key stages. The PowerPoint explains body systems and the structure and function of each. Body Systems included are; Cardiovascular system Digestive system Muscular system The nervous system Respiratory system Skeletal system I hope you enjoy this resource.
Physical Education Games - SkippingQuick View

Physical Education Games - Skipping

To celebrate the opening of my store please have a look at my Skipping rotations freebie. Includes the first four activities from my skipping rotations resource. A fun way to help young children develop the skills and confidence necessary to skip with a rope. Happy Skipping
Cambridge IGCSE Physical Education Revision Guide (0413)Quick View

Cambridge IGCSE Physical Education Revision Guide (0413)

This 74 page revision guide will provide revision material which is presented in a clear, concise, but not too condensed format, appropriate for international students sitting the Cambridge IGCSE PE examination. They may be used for study and homework throughout the year but are predominantly intended as student revision. Suitable for all students, it will stretch those of a lower ability while challenging and providing a wealth of exam practice for students of higher ability. Visual and EAL learners will be supported by the diagrams and figures that are used to illustrate all concepts, ranging from the elementary to the complex. Each section/topic contains past exam questions, with the answers for each question in the back of the booklet along with a glossary of key terms. The guide contains the following: Unit 1 Skill Motivation and Mental Preparation Skeleton and Joints Muscles and Tendons Circulatory and Respiratory Systems Fitness Physique Drugs Unit 2 Health Diet Games: Safe Practice Injuries Exercise and Training Unit 3 Leisure and Recreation Facilities, Participation, Excellence Global Events Media Access to Sport Exam Question Answers Glossary