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Physics made simpler. An outstanding physics teacher who loves using data with a purpose. My resources allow for easy marking and tracking of information to further inform student progress. Fully explained answers also help with learning, whether you are a student or a teacher!

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For KS4 Combined Science / Physics students.

There are 14 differentiated questions around using Energy (J) = Power (W) x Time (s). Worksheet comes with a YouTube video of the solutions - focussing on WAGOLL (What a great one looks like).

Like students do in maths, students will be able to apply the equation and use the triangle method for rearranging. It has been designed to build confidence as well as low-stakes competition into lessons.

The font used is “OpenDyslexic” - this helps students with dyslexic tendencies to access the work easier. More information here:

Typical layout of questions (some worksheets have around 14 questions) where Q1 is simplest and Q14 is hardest.

Q1 to 5 - 1 Chilli (Low demand). Focussed around remembering equations (students should use mini whiteboards or scrap paper for repitition)
Q6 to 8 - 2 Chilli’s (Low/Middle Demand). Focussed around using the equation - e.g. simple conversion or having to rearrange the equation.
Q9 to 11 - 3 Chilli’s (Middle/High Demand). Rearranging the equation and using conversions.
Q12 to 14 - 4 Chilli’s (High Demand). Stretch questions, e.g. towards Year 12 or short written answers.

Designed so that students can choose where to start, although the highest ability will want to complete all of the questions. Questions answered from the 1st column give you 1 chilli each. Column 2, each question is worth 2 chillis etc. At the end, count the chillis that the student has and this suggests a current working at grade.

Answers available through a tutorial on YouTube (teach yourself and/or make available to students).

Perfect for:
• Assessing prior knowledge
• Homework (easy to mark and suggest how to move forward as focused around skills of using equations).
• Starters / plenaries - part of “low stake” tests - build up a series of “mini-marks” on a tracker sheet before larger tests so students can identify their strengths and weaknesses.
• Recall and Retrieval
• Metacognition
• Self-monitoring
• Revision
• Cover lessons (fully explained mark scheme that can support students and non-specialist teachers)

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