Geological Time
A presentation suitable for Grades 6 to 8, looking at geological time. Presentation includes multi-choice questions to engage students and get them thinking about the subject throughout the presentation.

Learning Objective(s):
Explore how evidence from rock strata can tell us about the history of the Earth.

Main Skills: Interpret written text and diagrams.

Duration: Approximately 45 mins

27 slides covering:
• Time
• Rock Records
• Dating Rocks
• Relative Dating
• The Principle of Uniformitarianism
• The Principle of Original Horizontality
• The Principle of Superposition
• Principle of Cross Cutting
• The Principle of Inclusion
• Principal of Faunal Succession
• Fossils
• Relative Dating
• Absolute Dating
• Geological Time
• Precambrian
• Cretaceous Period
• The End of the Cretaceous Period
• Quaternary Period
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