George's Marvellous Medicine

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The whole book has been abridged to allow it to be accessed by EAL pupils working in a mainstream classroom. The plot line is kept but the more obscure vocabulary has been simplified. After each chapter there are comprehension/language awareness activities. It can be used in a number of ways: - at home prior to class in preparation for reading the original version in the lesson - homework: extra reading practice - to be worked through with specialist EAL teacher in withdrawal situations -etc etc

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PLOT-George's_Marvellous_Medicine_complet[Sep 11]

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CreatedJun 29, 2010
UpdatedSep 28, 2014

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    Thank you so much. Pictures must be helpful!!

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    This is marvellous! Many thanks indeed.

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    user avatarMajeda72a year agoReport

    Excellent picture aid for EAL students to pick up on vocabulary used

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    user avatarbaranga year agoReport

    Amazing. Thank you from Cambodia.

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    Just what I needed for my SEN pupils who couldn't listen to the whole story. Saved my so much time. Thank you!

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