Greek Theatre: focus on the role of the chorus

Resource with three lesson plans and resources for KS3 Drama students. Moving as a Greek chorus and speaking as a Greek chorus. I recommend this for year 7 students as an introduction to Greek Theatre. These lessons would link nicely into exploring extracts from a playscript such as 'Antigone.' This might also be appropriate for y6 primary school students as part of a project on Ancient Greece.


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  • JohnnyAspa year agoReport

    Superb introduction to Greek theatre! thanks!

  • WOW brilliant lesson plans thank you!!

  • smithhm062 years agoReport

    life saver! great thanks

  • Elfinew2 years agoReport

    Great resource. Many thanks...!

  • Dear miss_drama_queen, many thanks for your wonderful lesson plans! Not having taught Greek Theatre before, I was wondering whether you'd be able to share the "Riddle sheet" that you make reference to in your lesson plan #2. Or are these riddles directly taken from the story of Oedipus? Kind regards, Rita