Growth Mindset - Finger Counting 0 to 10

This pack is a perfect resource to use in center activities, individually or in groups. This resource is designed to help children learn and practice numbers from 0 to 10 and develop growth mindset culture in PreK- and Kindergarten students.

Now is the time that you start to build students’ tools for developing a growth mindset!

This resource offers:

  1. A set of posters (0-10) in color and black and white.
    The posters include written numeral, number word, finger counting, and an affirmation with the purpose of encouraging your students to have a growth mindset and work for success. The posters are perfect to decorate your bulletin board!!!

  2. A set of worksheets (0-10) in black and white.
    The worksheets help children to practice numbers and growth mindset affirmations through a tracing activity.

  3. Finger Counting puppets (0-10) in color and black and white.
    The puppets are perfect to reinforce growth mindset affirmations and numbers by playing roles. Once children recognize numbers and affirmations, they start using their own fingers to remind each other the affirmations. :)

The counting fingers graphics show the palm side of the hands. The number one is shown with the pointer finger up.

Thank you! I hope you enjoy counting and developing growth mindset culture in your classroom.

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Created: Mar 21, 2018

Updated: Mar 26, 2018

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