Growth Mindset - Santa’s Christmas Gifts

As a teacher, embracing a growth mindset has helped me see the potential in all of my students, even the struggling ones. I know that every member of my class can learn, grow, and improve by harnessing the power of growth mindsets.
This resource aims to motivate your students to develop a growth mindset and helps them understand what it means and its benefits.
Santa will bring your students some special gifts such as: optimism, perseverance, mastery, strength, motivation, confidence, intelligence, the power of yet, self-esteem and the opportunity to write him back to Santa. Letter to Santa is a template that will help your students think what they really need to improve their mindsets.
This interactive min-book is a PERFECT activity to introduce growth mindset in your class during December.
This resource includes:

  • A Growth Mindset - Santa’s Christmas Gifts Minibook in black and white 10 half pages
  • BONUS Growth Mindset Letter to Santa in black and white 1 page

Students can color to personalize their mini-books.
Encourage your students to read their their books/responses to their families for reinforcement.
Great conversation starter for families as well!

Enjoy the benefits of fostering a growth mindset culture in your classroom!

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