Self-reflection practice is a powerful idea of promoting a growth mindset, students get the ability to discover and become self aware about their strengths, weaknesses, values and goals; at the same time, they recognize the impact that a growth mindset has when helping them doing well at school and achieving their goals. <br /> When teachers know their students’ believes and self perception it is easier for them to support and focus in their strengths. Teachers build a closer relationship with their students and a sense of partnership and and friendship grows, students make an affective connection and their motivation boost. <br /> After coaching students on reflection and growth mindset, they start reflecting about their own growth mindset behaviours, they become active participants of their own progress and they get involved in developing new strategies to promote and acquire a growth mindset in their classrooms and lives. <br /> This resource offers 2 pages:

  • A growth mindset self reflection chart in black and white (English Version)
  • Autorreflexión Mentalidad de crecimiento en blanco y negro (Spanish version)

I have created posters, badges and cards to help students to build a growth mindset with the same affirmations of the charts.

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