Guided Reading comprehension questions

Guided Reading independent comprehension activities for Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, Harriet's Hare, The Iron Man, and Tom&'s Midnight Garden. Created from my own ideas and from a selection of other questions I found for free online. Divided into chapters for each book. Please note that there are no page numbers, as there are often different editions of the books. You may wish to add page numbers to help your children locate the information.


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    user avatarLucynaulls8 months agoReport

    fantastic, a great starting point for me to add to.

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    user avatarlightstar10 months agoReport

    Great questions for The Iron Man, will save me lots of time, thanks :)

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    user avatarhoneyma year agoReport

    Thanks, very useful with my guided reading group

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    user avatartyponaut2 years agoReport

    This resource appears to be directly copied from the commercial Reed Novel Studies, a preview of which is available here:

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    user avatarVronbrown2 years agoReport

    Thank you, a great start for me. I hope to use as a class read for oral and written comprehension.