High Frequency Words (1-300)

300 High Frequency words from Letters and Sounds made into cards that can be laminated and displayed/used as flashcards etc. Original Font - Lucinda Sans Typewriter New Font Comic Sans


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    tracey82 years agoReport

    Thanks very much. These will be very useful.

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    Matt Grant4 years agoReport

    I like these a lot. Thank you for sharing.

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    Lori16 years agoReport

    font. I "agrre" the font may not be perfect and so I have changed it to appease as I have nothing else to do, however I am concerned about spelling, I "suugest" you check yours.

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    marib6 years agoReport

    font. I agrre that in later years children should experience a range of fonts, but for very young children or those with special needs, a simple font is best. I do not understand why a font would have letters that look like a number 7 or why anyone would chose to use it in education.