Houghton Mifflin Third Grade Full Year Cloze Worksheets and Crossword Puzzles
This resource aligns with the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) Reading series. The supplemental materials are third Grade Full Year Cloze Worksheets and Crossword Puzzles : This bundle combines 2 products into 1 for a great value! **** Note: this resource does not contain the stories in the HMH Reading textbook, so you'll need at least one copy of the textbook in order to have your students read the stories and see the words in the context of the stories.

First, this package contains Third Grade CLOZE (fill in the blank) worksheets to teach, re-teach, practice, or assess vocabulary in the third grade Houghton Mifflin anthologies from Themes 1 through 6 (all themes for the entire year). Also included is the corresponding answer key for each worksheet. When we developed these worksheets we used all of the key vocabulary words and some supplemental words. Some of the words were used within the context of each story, and some of the words we used outside of the story’s context to challenge the students and their understanding of each word’s definition. We included the key vocabulary words from the following anthologies:

Theme 1 “Off to Adventure!”
Theme 2 “Celebrating Traditions”
Theme 3 “Incredible Stories”
Theme 4 “Animal Habitats”
Theme 5 “Voyages”
Theme 6“Smart Solutions”

Second, this package also contains third grade crosswords puzzles to teach, re-teach , practice, or assess vocabulary in the third grade Houghton Mifflin reading themes 1 though 6. Each theme contains either three or four stories per theme. There are six crossword puzzles with your students. Also included are word banks for each puzzle to copy on the back of each puzzle if you desire. I have used these puzzles to challenge students, to enrich and engage learning, and as a center or centers with teacher or parent helpers to teach and provide practice for reading vocabulary and definitions.

Vocabulary development is a key focus area in the new Common Core Standards, because students must increase their knowledge of academic language by growing their vocabulary. These worksheets align with the Common Core Standards for Language Arts under Language: Conventions, effective use and vocabulary, understanding words and their relationships, and acquisition of new vocabulary.
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