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This PowerPoint on The Theory of Human Evolution is geared to any Middle or High School Science or Biology class/grade. The purpose of this PowerPoint is to summarize the important information and concepts about human evolution including:
A. The main idea of human evolution with explanations & video
B. The theories for bipedalism and intelligence
C. Transitional Species including: Ardipithecus, Australopithecus, Homo Habilis, Homo Erecus, Neanderthals, and the little people of Flores

On average this presentation should run approximately 1-2 days (depending on the amount of note-taking) of class time and is meant to either introduce or reinforce concepts.

There are 35 slides (excluding the title slide) on this PowerPoint which contain the following titles:

Did Humans Evolve from Monkeys?
Answer (3 slides)
Human Evolution Video
Human vs. Chimp DNA Sequences
Vestigial Structures
Vestigial Structures in Humans (8 slides: see below:
(Wisdom Teeth)
(Third Eyelid)
(Tail Bone) - 2 slides
(Darwin's Point)
(Human Yolk Sac)
(Plantaris Muscle)
(Extra Ear Muscles)
(Tail Bone: Coccyx)
Homologous Structures
Homology: From Jaws to Ears (2 slides)
The Theory for Bipedalism
Migration of Humans
How do we Know the Human Race Began in Africa?
The Theory for Human Intelligence (2 slides)
Transitional Species (Transitional title slide)
Human Phylogenic Tree Pictures/ Illustrations (2 slides)
Ardipithecus Ramidus (2 slides)
Australopithecus Afarensis (2 slides)
Homo Habilis
Homo Erectus
Homo Neanderthalensis - Neandertals
The Little People of Flores

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3 years ago

I am disappointed in this material. Points are not clearly presented and do not link smoothly to each other. I had to add many additional slides to it for it to be usable at all. Points were introduced and then dropped without being properly presented or the explored. For example, my students were misled to believe that 'vestigial structures' proved that land mammals came from whales and humans came from apes which is what the slides imply. Other slides simply an image without any explanation of what they are meant to show (eg, slide 15). The ancestral primates are presented s snippets of information, leaving out the significance of they represent. In my opinion this resource is overpriced and should have been free at best. Neither high school students or any other level would be informed by these slides.

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