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I teach 5th grade and middle school level subjects. I am also a published and produced playwright and co-author of three YA detective novels. (Curtain Call Caper, The Disappearig Dog Dilemma and Bungled Bike Burglaries)

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Be the first player to assemble 3 organ systems using cell, tissue and organ cards. But beware of damage cards like “driving & texting” or “high sodium diet” that can damage you.

This game helps students understand the concept that cells form tissues and tissues form organs and organs form organ systems that are specialized for particular body functions which work with other organ systems for organisms to carry out life processes, grow and maintain homeostasis.

The game consists of 127 unique cards, rules & variations, several brain break/kinesthetic activities that go with the cards plus links to online resources and games. The graphics on each card will help ESL and struggling readers. The game provides an excellent anchor activity for students who finish early or need a challenge. It can be used to differentiate instruction or provide tiering if cards are used as a sort rather than a game for struggling students.

Also availabe:
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Games are motivating and engage students in higher level strategy thinking and promote interaction with others while remaining focused on topic.




4 years ago

Fabulous you have saved me such a lot of time .I love games they are a fun way of embedding knowlege.

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